Cash Receipt


Cash received by departments is not to be used for petty cash expenditures or to cash personal checks. ... including traveler's checks and money orders) should be made payable to Western Michigan University and should be endorsed immediately upon receipt.

Cash Receipts Management

... all forms of payments (cash, checks, credit cards, waivers, and Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT); 2) Ensure that payments are deposited promptly in University bank accounts; 3) Ensure that cash receipts are protected from misappropriations; 4) Ensure that physical access to cash receipts and cash receipt ...


NASSAU COUNTY OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER HOWARD S. WEITZMAN Comptroller CONTROL DIRECTIVE 3: CASH RECEIPTS A. Introduction This Directive, applicable to all county departments, is issued pursuant to the Nassau County Charter.

The Cash Receipts Journal and the Cash Payments Journal

Total and rule the journals. 3. Prove the equality of the debits and the credits at the bottom of each journal. The Cash Receipts Journal and the Cash Payments Journal

Cash and Check Receipt Guidelines

March 2011 Cash and Check Receipt Guidelines Purpose This document explains how to process cash and checks received in schools and departments. 1 Because the method for handling these receipts depends on the type of transaction, the overall process can be confusing.

Example Cash Receipt Cycle Procedures Receptionist

Example Cash Receipt Cycle Procedures Receptionist 1. All mail received at this location is opened by the receptionist. Mail is received twice a day and is processed soon after each delivery.

Cash Receipts Process Documentation

Business Process Assessment Cash Receipts Process ***** June 2003 1 Cash Receipts Process Documentation Process Name: Processing of Cash Receipts Process Owner: Jane Doe Process Description: This process includes * Receipt of mail and over-the-counter receipts * Recording of money received ...


ANSWER CASH RECEIPTS/SALE QUESTIONS: YesNo N/A NOTES 1. Is there a designated cash receipt custodian? 2. Are all receipts recorded on pre-numbered cash receipts tickets, including those received in check form?


DAFS CENTRAL WAREHOUSE Cash Receipts Cycle • NOTE: This Cash Receipt Cycle risk assessment includes procedures for receiving, recording and depositing cash receipts at the Division of Financial Personnel Services {DFPS}.


Not all items of income under the cash method are recognized as a cash equivalent on receipt. Uncertainty and confusion in the case law and rulings stem from a lack of clarity and uniformity in their application.

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