CARLOAD. CUSTOMER . REFERENCE GUIDE AT-A-GLANCE . So you can plan your shipments more easily, BNSF has put transit times, prices and other essential planning tools online.

Inhibitors to Rail Carload and Intermodal Market Share Growth

2 Introduction  Norbridge, Inc. is a management consulting company that assists clients in making better decisions to improve performance  We have considerable experience in all aspects of transportation and logistics including rail and trucking  We conducted this study because we were ...


CIRCULAR NO. 42-J (Supersedes Circular No. 42-I) GENERAL RULES COVERING LOADING OF CARLOAD SHIPMENTS OF COMMODITIES IN CLOSED CARS Issued January 1, 2001 The "General Rules" quoted in AAR Circular No. 42-I, dated March 1, 1994, have been revised as shown herein.

Services - Carload

Services - Carload EJE 9000-A • Effective April 1, 2009 Optional services designed to meet your needs This tariff replaces tariffs EJE 6024-E and EJE 9156-E (each of which expires by its own terms effective April 1, 2009). 0 As part of our commitment to provide you with the best transportation ...

Rail Carload Traffic

Rail Carload Traffic • Overview and Definition • Traffic Trends 2000-07 • Railroad Performance Initiatives • The Short Lines' Role • The Freight Car Fleet • Rate Outlook • Conclusions and Questions

Changes to Weekly Railroad Traffic Report Commodity Groups

December 9, 2010 Changes to Weekly Railroad Traffic Report Commodity Groups In Week 1 of 2011, we will make three changes to the commodity groups used in the carload section of the Weekly Railroad Traffic report (WRT): 1.

Canadian National Railway - Electronic Commerce

Generic Carload EDI 404 Implementation Guide 7 F9 Segment: Origin Indicates the origin of the shipment, the point from which it is shipped. Spelling should be in accordance with that listed in the Standard Point Location Code (SPLC) standard available from the National Motor Freight Tariff ...


S E T-U P > SET-UP Tobecomeanewcarloadcustomer For a step-by-step process to become a BNSF Railway customer for Carload Services > Customers/BecomeaCustomer

Class I Railroad Statistics

Carloads shown here uses the Surface Transportation Board's Freight Commodity Statistics and the AAR's Profiles of U.S. Railroads survey as sources, and will not match the total carloads reported in Railroads and States which uses the Carload Waybill Sample as a source.

The Carload Freight Challenge

The Carload Freight Challenge The Impact on Shippers and Short Lines Charles N. Marshall Transportation Clubs International Cherry Hill, New Jersey September 15, 2006 This afternoon, I'd like to talk with you about a large problem that is worth trying to solve.

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