Common Calcaneal

AJR 134:119-123, January 1980 o361-8o3x/8o/1341-ol 19$00.00.cj American Roentgen Ray Society An avulsion fracture on the dorsolateral aspect of the calcaneus at the origin of the extensor digitorumbrevis muscle was identified after inversion injuries of the ankle.

Stress Fractures of the Distal Tibiaand Calcaneus Subsequent ...

329 Stress Fractures of the Distal Tibiaand Calcaneus Subsequent to Acute Fractures of the Tibia and Fibula MichaelB. Zlatkin1 Ann Bjorkengren DavidJ. Sartoris Donald Resnick Received February 25.1987: accepted after re-vision April 20,1987.

:#{149} .. The Calcaneus: Normal and ., . . AbnormaP Rajendra Kumar, MD #{149} Kenneth Matasar, MD Susan Stansberry, MD #{149} Ali Sbirkhoda, MD Ruppert David, MD #{149} John E. Madewell, MD LeonardE.

Calcaneal Fracture and Rehabilitation

Joe Godges PT, Robert Klingman PT Loma Linda U DPT Program KPSoCal Ortho PT Residency 1 Calcaneal Fracture and Rehabilitation Surgical Indications and Considerations Anatomic Considerations: The calcaneus articulates with the talus superiorly at the subtalar joint.

Successful Treatment of Bilateral Calcaneal Intraosseous ...

the calcaneus with a secondary aneurysmal bone cyst using endoscopic curettage without bone grafting. Arthroscopy 184: 430-435, 2002. 17 Liapi-Avgeri G, Markakis P, Kokka H, Karajannis S,

Fractures of the Calcaneus: A Review with Emphasis on CT1

EDUCATION EXHIBIT 1215 Fractures of the Calcaneus: A Review with Emphasis on CT 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES FOR TEST 2 After reading this article and taking the test, the reader will be able to: * Describe theclini-callyrelevantana-tomicfeaturesof the calcaneus.

Calcaneal loading during walking and running

Figure 4—Diagram of the calcaneus showing ligament, tendon, and joint forces acting on the calcaneus at 70%of stance during walking and 60%ofstanceduring running.

Calcaneal apophysitis: a quantitative radiographic evaluation ...

One of the reasons is that normal children may display a considerable variation in the radiographic aspects of the secondary ossification center of the calcaneus at different ages.

Avulsion Fracture of the Calcaneal Tuberosity: A soft tissue ...

Protheroe K: Avulsion fractures of the calcaneus JBJS 1969 51B: 118*122. 13. Bierwag K. Avulsion fractures of the calcaneus International Surgery 1970 54: 424*427.

Motion of the Calcaneus, Navicular, and First Metatarsal ...

Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association • Vol 92 • No 2 • February 2002 67 The treatment of mechanically related foot disorders is often a challenge to clinicians.

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