Topic #9: Bryophytes

Topic #8: Bryophyte 1 Grade (Unisporangiates), Represented by Mosses REQUIREMENTS : Powerpoint Presentations. Objectives 1. List the characteristics that green algae have in common with plants.

Bryophytes and Lichens: Small but Indispensable Forest Dwellers

Some examples of bryophytes are, the scientific name follows the common name: Some examples of lichens are, the scientific name follows the common name:.

Plant Diversity I: Bryophytes and Seedless Vascular Plants

Laboratory Objectives After completing this lab topic, you should be able to: 1. Describe the distinguishing characteristics of bryophytes and seedless vascular plants.

heteromorphic generations; current view is that it is more ...

KINGDOM PLANTAE: General characteristics and Bryophytes Characteristics: This suite of characters are common to all members of the Plant Kingdom.


Kingdom Plantae Phylum Mar chantiophyta Liverworts greasy liverwort Aneura pinguis great scented liverwort Conocephalum conicum rivulet liverwort Pellia epiphylla common feather liverwort Plagiochila porelloides scraper liverwort Radula obconica half sphere liverwort Reboulia hemisphaerica woods ...


3 CHAPTER 2-1 MEET THE BRYOPHYTES Definition of Bryophyte Before we can further consider these small organisms in any context, we all need to speak the same language.

Economic and Ethnic Uses of Bryophytes

14 Economic and Ethnic Uses of Bryophytes Janice M. Glime Introduction A general lack of commercial value, small size, and inconspicuous place in the ecosystem have made the bryophytes appear to be of no use to most people.

The first land plants: bryophytes ("non-vascular" plants)

1 Figure 29.1 Some highlights of plant evolution Figure 29.2x Chara Traits shared by charophyceans and land plants •Very similar plastids (structurally similar, but especially similar chloroplast DNA) •Very similar cellulose cell walls (cellulose is even produced by a similar rose-shaped ...

Plantae: Bryophytes & Vascular

Honors Organismal Biology Laboratory 121 EXERCISE 9 Plantae: Bryophytes & Vascular Plants The Kingdom Plantae represents an extremely large group of mostly terrestrial organisms that are photosynthetic.

Evolutionary significance of bryophytes

1 Evolutionary significance of bryophytes Vascular plants, particularly seed plants, dominate vegetation throughout much of the world today, from the lushrainforests of the tropics harbouring avast diversity of angiosperms, to the boreal forests of coniferous trees, draping the northern ...

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