The Bookmark

The Bookmark NEWSLETTER OF SHEPPARD MEMORIAL LIBRARY Vol. XXVII No. 10 December 2007 STATISTICALLY SPEAKING Circulation totaled 37,505 items in November.

I am a strategic reader!

I am a strategic reader! As I read, I . . . INFER/PREDICT • look for important information • look at illustrations • think about what I know • think about what I will learn • think about what will happen next MONITOR/CLARIFY • ask myself, "Does this make sense?"

The 5 Finger Rule

Microsoft Word - 5FingerRule Bookmark.doc ... Finger Rule 1. Open the book to a full page. 2. Read the page to yourself. 3. Every time you come to a word you don't know, hold up a finger.

Book of Mormon Bookmark

2500–2200 Jaredites The history of the Jaredites covered nearly twice as many years as that of the Nephites. 600 Nephites B.C. 0 A.D. 420 Jaredites

Trados Bookmark Handler

Trados Bookmark Handler C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2006\TT\Templates You use the Bookmark Handler when the file has field codes and cross references.

bookmarks (prior knowledge)

What do you already know about bookmarks (prior knowledge) Prior Knowledge What do you already know about _____? What do the pictures tell you about the book?

Make a Bookmark

J. Paul Getty Museum Education Department—GettyGames Make a Bookmark The decorated initial H above is from a page in a book (on the left). An unknown French artist painted Inhabited Initial H in about 1170-1180.

Student Engagement and Checking for Understanding ...

Student Engagement and Checking for Understanding Techniques Math Matters Positive Reinforcement of Behavior Phrases that positively reinforce behavior: "John has his pencil and paper on his desk.

Xerox® WorkCentre® BookMark 40 & 55 The next generation of ...

WorkCentre® BookMark 40 & 55 tabloid-size black-and-white multifunction copier/printer

K.I.M. -bookmark

Vocabulary K.I.M. -bookmark. K.I.M. Vocabulary PRACTICE LOG How Effective Is the Strategy? Language Arts Date: _____ 1 2 3 4 Social Studies Date: _____ 1 2 3 4 Science Date: _____ 1 2 3 4 Math Date: _____ 1 2 3 ...

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