Bodhi Puja Gatha

Rituals of Sri Lanka

If so, one of the rec-ommendations would invariably be a bodhi-puja, one important item of which would be the lighting of a specific number of coco-nut-oil lamps around a Bodhi-tree in a temple.

Bhavana Vandana: Book of Devotion

  Tilakkhanādi Gatha ... ix P In preparing this Vandana book we used some material from the Vandana book compiled by Bhikkhu Bodhi and myself for use at the Washington Buddhist ...


BODHI DAY December 8th, the day upon which the Buddha had his great realization after a week of meditation under the Bodhi Tree. ... reciting the Gatha of Atonement for one's evil karma, ...

tanya jawab dhamma 09

(dalam bahasa Pali dan Indonesia) Jawaban: Sebenarnya Gatha Puja yang berisikan syair persembahan untuk altar Sang Buddha dapat dibaca setiap puja bakti, ... Yassa mule nisinno ' va Sabbari vijayang aka Patto sabbannutang sattha Vande tang bodhi padapang.

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