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... in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil oThose tomatoes are grown hydroponically. hydrotropism (trop - responding to) - the movement or growth of an organism in response to moisture, as in the roots of plants hydrophyte (phyte - plant) - a water plant SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES SOCIAL STUDIES BIOLOGY

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Common Prefixes and Suffixes Hypo-: Prefix meaning below, underneath, or lower than normal. ... Ex: Polyuria = too much (excess) urine-itis: Suffix meaning inflammation. ... Ex: Endometriosis = a condition of the inner lining of the uterus Notes Cell and Tissue Biology ...

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All Rights Reserved. :: 1 Rapid Learning Center Chemistry:: Biology ... Use prefix " iso " if structure contains two methylson a CH, with a halogen on the opposite end. ... All Rights Reserved. :: 25 The IUPAC suffix for alkanes is "-ane"; ...

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Microsoft Word - LIST - Root Words (2006-7).DOC. Root Word List One of the most difficult things about studying science (especially biology and medicine) is the many names and terms that seem difficult.

Chapter 7: Cell Structure and Function

Cytoplasm (cyto-, from Greek kutos or kytos, meaning "hollow vessel"; -plasm, from Greek plasma , meaning to "form or shape") The term cytoplasm is formed from the union of a prefix, cyto- and a suffix, -plasm .

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3 Each bold suffix below changes the basic word into a different part of speech. ... In each sentence below, determine the meaning of the underlined prefix or root. ... In biology class, we used homunculus to study the theory of

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For example, the Greek root "bio" ( meaning "life, living organisms") reappears again and again in a typical middle school life science textbook ( e. g. , biology, biologist, biosphere, biodegradable, biochemical, biofuel, biohazard) .

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Vocabulary Preview Ask: What suffix do the words homozygous and heterozygous share? (-zygous) Tell students that -zygous means “yoked” or “joined,”

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... attached to affixes but generally cannot stand alone (example: opt = "eye" in the word optometrist; bio = "life" in the word biology). Compound word - a word made up of two or more small words (example: rainbow ) Affix - a letter or group of letters added to the beginning (prefix) or end (suffix) of a ...

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... at the ends of sentences America, Our Home Our Flag Our Patriotic Holidays Our Songs The People Who Built America The Separatists America's Indians The Colonists America's Pioneers America's Cowboys The New Americans Plants Enjoying the Plant World Animals Enjoying the Animal World Health and Human Biology Enjoying ...

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