What is FRBR?

2 Background From 1992-1995 the IFLA Study Group on Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) developed an entity-relationship model as a generalized view of the bibliographic universe, intended to be independent of any cataloging code or implementation.

Differentiated Instruction Resources Available from AEA9's ...

Differentiated Instruction Resources Available from AEA9's Media Center August 2009 Professional Books: APPLYING DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGIES FOR GRADES K-2 373.12, CONKLIN, WENDY, PROFESSIONAL BOOK, A, 304 Pages, AMAZON, 2004.

Bibliography of Acts of Thomas

XII. Bibliography of Acts of Thomas JAN N. BREMMER Bernard, P., 'Un passage perdu dans Acta Thomae latins consew6 dans une anaphore merovingienne', Revue BPrthdictine 107 (1997) 24-39.

Component Analysis of Multisubject Multivariate Longitudinal Data

 2001, Marieke E. Timmerman Printed by Stichting Drukkerij C. Regenboog, Groningen The Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO) is gratefully acknowledged for funding this project (no. 575-30-008).

LECTURE 16: LINEAR ARRAY THEORY - PART II ( - Linear arrays ...

1 LECTURE 16: LINEAR ARRAY THEORY - PART II (Linear arrays: Hansen-Woodyard end-fire array, directivity of a linear array, linear array pattern characteristics – recapitulation;

Referˆencias Bibliogr´aficas

Referˆencias Bibliogr´aficas A listabibliogr´aficaabaixocont´emlivros-textoonde partedomate rialcontidonestasnotastamb´empode serencontrado

Books with Case Studies for bioethics bibliogr

Selected Books with Case Studies in Bioethics Bulger, R.E., & Heitman, E. (2002). The ethical dimensions of the biological sciences: A textbook with case studies.

[Transport, Traffic, Accidents, Safety]

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES Road [Transport, Traffic, Accidents, Safety] This list has been established from documents acquired by the Documentation Centre.

Bibliografia Mdulo III

BIBLIOGRAFIA – Módulo III • Aaker, D. A. (1984), Strategic Market Management, 2.ª ed. 1988, John Wiley & Sons; • Ackoff, R. (1970), A Concept of Corporate Planning, John Wiley & Sons; • Anastassopoulos, Jean-Piérre; Détrie, Jean-Pierre; Santi, Michel; et. al. (1993),

Curriculum Vitae

Francisco Javier Terrados Cepeda 1 Curriculum Vitae (english version) Personal information • Full name: FRANCISCO JAVIER TERRADOS CEPEDA • ID number: 25.986.317.

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