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3 〔1.0〕 Introduction This rulebook is a translation of the rulebook that came with the S.F.3.D II: Operation Faserei game. In turn, that work was an expansion for a prior game, S.F.3.D Original.

Test Bias

An item on a test is biased if people belonging to different groups responded in different ways to the item and if it could be shown that these differing responses were not related to group differences associated with the psychological attribute that the test was designed to measure.

Biased Expectations

Improving Self-Esteem Page 2 • Psychotherapy • Research • Training C C I entre for linical nterventions Module 4: Biased Expectations Introduction In Module 3, we talked about how dormant low self-esteem becomes active and maintains itself until it becomes acute.

Sampling and Bias

In a biased sample of a population the sample is chosen with some favoritism. Types of Biased Samples Convenience Sample Any sample that consists of population items that are easily accessed.

Highlights: Racially Biased Policing—A Principled Response

1 Highlights: Racially Biased Policing—A Principled Response This 160-page Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) report was funded by the Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS Office).

Racially Biased Policing: A Principled Response

Racially Biased Policing: A Principled Response Lorie Fridell, Robert Lunney, Drew Diamond and Bruce Kubu with Michael Scott and Colleen Laing POLICE EXECUTIVE RESEARCH FORUM

Avoiding Biased Language

Eng 209/WI The You Attitude means avoiding language that discriminates because of gender, age, disability, ethnicity/race, and sexual orientation We can also avoid biased language that pigeon-holes people for other things besides culture that they don't necessarily have control over, including ...

I'm O.K., You're Biased

April 16, 2006 Op-Ed Contributor I'm O.K., You're Biased By DANIEL GILBERT Cambridge, Mass. VERIZON had a pretty bad year in 2005, but its chief executive did fine.

Preventing gender-biased sex selection - An interagency ...

Preventing gender-biased sex selection An interagency statement OHCHR, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and WHO For more information, please contact: Department of Reproductive Health and Research

Common Sense Long-Biased, LP April 30, 2010

Common Sense Investment Management, LLC Fi Ud Firm Update •Founded in 1991 •100% Employee Owned •Registered Investment Advisor •Size and scale appropriate for continued success $43 BAUM-$4.3B AUM-Asset growth driven by investment opportunities-Focus on small, flexible managers •Focus ...

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