Revelation 13:6-7 The BESORAH Page 1312 "GUARD" My COMMANDS and "LIVE", And My TORAH as the APPLE OF YOUR EYE Mishle 7:2 The BESORAH Page 815 I "LOVE" those who "LOVE" ME, And those who EARNESTLY "SEEK" ME DO "FIND" ME Mishle 8:17 The BESORAH Page 816

The Lamb’s Book of Life

Besorah, we are able to get a glance of what is happening today. Let’s explore it with the purpose to understand and perceive the reign of the Heavens.

What is The Mar Thoma Besorah?

Diocese of North America and Europe The Mar Thoma Besorah The Hebrew word, besorah , is translated as message or report. This newsletter includes a brief report of the Diocesan activities.

About the year I was born, 1943, 50 miles North West of ...

Because of their high birthrate, the future face of Judaism will be largely Hasidic, but note that it will be a Judaism sealed off from the witness of the Besorah Tovah by the foreign language barrier of Yiddish, which few Ma'aminim HaMeshichiyim outsiders can decipher.

CLEMENT OF ROME, First Epistle

And your sedition still continues. 1 Clement 47:1 Take up the epistle of the blessed Rav Shaul/Paul the Sholiach/Apostle. 1 Clement 47:2 What wrote he first unto you in the beginning of the Besorah/Gospel? 1 Clement 47:3 Of an emet/truth he charged you in the Ruach concerning himself and Cephas and Apollos ...

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

This course will equip students to approach Messianic Jewish preaching, teaching, outreach and pastoral work in a way that embraces the universal dimensions of the besorah (gospel) while holding this in tension with the enduring particularity of Israel's election and way of life.

EXCERPT: Kata Mattyah: According to Matthew ©2008 by Jackson ...

Spared me = this is the rendering of Ruach Qadim by Andrew Gabriel Roth. 13 Observe the wine in a sponge affixed to a mattyah = rod and lifted, and that the bystanders wanted to see if Yahshua would be yashua! Not also the resemblence of mattyah (Mattyah) to the composer of the besorah.

BYSW-YATI Rabbinical Academy

All graduates will be submitted to the apostolic covering and anointing that rests upon Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky, a servant of the besorah/gospel to both houses of Yisrael, given to him by YHWH's grace.

THE LEPER SCHOLAR Part 2 Moshiach Carrying Leprosy as Prophesied

Mattityahu/Matthew 11111111: : :: 4 gauvhgauvhgauvhgauvh answered and said to them, Go and show Yochanan again those things that you do hear and see: 5 The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the Besorah ...


The Besorah According To Matthew (Mattityahu) ..... uuuvuvvvhhhh,,,,hhhh,n,n,n,n ..... 713 The Besorah According To Mark (Yochanan Moshe) ..... vvvavaaannnn ibjuhibjuhibjuhibjuh ..... 746

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