V1.0308 BIOMASS AS A FUEL BIOMASS AS A FUEL Nowadays, the use of biomass as a fuel is an actual issue and object of technologies developing in several countries, universities and international organizations.

Rethinking Community-Based Conservation

622 Rethinking Community-Based Conservation Berkes Introduction What are the prospects for community-basedconserva-tion? The question is of concern to abroad range of conservationists, social scientists, and resource management professionals.

Rediscovery of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as Adaptive ...

Octohcr XH)O TRADITIONAL ECOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE Ecoiogica! App!icaiiori~, 10(5), 2000, pp. 1251-1262 0 2000 by the Ecological Society of America REDISCOVERY OF TRADITIONAL ECOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AS ADAPTIVE MANAGEMENT FIKRET BERKES,' JOHAN COLDING,'~~ AND CARL FOLKE'.~ 'Natural Resources Institute ...

Seasilver-Berkes stlmnt

FTC Act"), 15 U. C. 53(b), charging Defendants Seasilver USA, Inc., Americaloe 2 Inc., Bela Berkes, Jason Berkes, Brett Rademacher also doing business as Netmark International and NetmarkPo, and David R. Friedmai , D. , with violatig Sections 5 and 12 of the FTC Act , 15 U. C. 45 and 52.

Supporting Online Material for - Spontaneous Cortical ...

Pietro Berkes,* Gergő Orbán, Máté Lengyel, József Fiser *To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: Published 7 January 2011, Science 331 83 (2010)

Predicting Local Government Strike Activity: An Exploratory ...

Predicting Local Government Strike Activity: An Exploratory Analysis James L. Perry; Leslie J. Berkes The Western Political Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 4.

Resume: Jem Berkes

Jem Berkes Toronto, Canada * (416) 477-1527 * * WORK EXPERIENCE: Design Engineer, Advanced Altera Corporation Toronto, ON January 2010 - present Developed device models for next-generation FPGAs.

Characterizing neural dependencies with copula models Pietro ...

Characterizing neural dependencies with copula models Pietro Berkes Volen Center for Complex Systems Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454


Folke, C., L. Pritchard, F. Berkes, J. Colding and U. Svedin. 1998. The Problem of Fit Between Ecosystems and Institutions. International Human Dimensions Programme

Co-management: concepts and methodological implications

Cooperative Management of Local Fisheries, New Directions for Improved, Management and Community Development. University of British Columbia Press, Vancover. L. Carlsson, F. Berkes/Journal of Environmental Management 75 (2005) 65-76 75

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