When we think about thinking: The acquisition of belief verbs

Cognition 105 (2007) 125-165 0010-0277/$ - see front matter © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2006.09.008 When we think about thinking: The acquisition of belief verbs Anna Papafragou a, ¤, Kimberly Cassidy b, Lila Gleitman c,d a ...

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Scanned Documents

Attitude and Belief Assessments

I. Attitude and Belief Assessments 17 I. Attitude and Belief Assessments SCALES AND ASSESSMENTS A1. Normative Beliefs about Aggression Retaliation Belief Questions Suppose a boy says something bad to anotherboy, John.

Health Belief Model

chapter 4 Theory Essence Sentence Personal beliefs influence health behavior. S tudent L earning O utcOmeS After reading this chapter the student will be able to: Explain the original concept of the Health Belief Model.

The Evolutionary Biology of Self-Deception, Laughter ...

... the brain must have some way of selecting from this superabundance of detail and ordering it into a consistent 'belief system', a story that makes sense of the available evidence (41).

Modeling the False-Belief Task:

Emond, B., Ferres, L. (2001) Modeling the False-Belief Task : An ACT-R Implementation of Wimmer & Perner (1983). Second Bisontine Conference for Conceptual and Linguistic Development in the Child Aged from 1 to 6 Years.

About Bayesian Belief Networks

About Bayesian Belief Networks 4 Copyright 2005 Charles River Analytics, Inc. Overview Bayesian belief networks are powerful tools for modeling causes and effects in a wide variety of domains.


This 2nd BELIEF Symposium will address the theme of e-Infrastructures and Sustainability Development. For further information please visit the BELIEF portal:

A Buddhist Critique of Fundamentalist Christianity

Paul very correctly said, 'If Christ has not been raised our preaching is empty and our belief comes to nothing' (I Cor. 1*,1*). With unusual frankness he also admitted that the idea that Jesus' resurrection can somehow save sinners makes no sense ...


BELIEF SYSTEMS IN ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE ANTH 472/872 Mr. Glazier Spring 2011 Bessey Hall 108 Course overview : A cross-cultural examination of the structure, form, and functions of religious belief.

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