Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner's Handbook

USDA publication covering the life cycle of the pest and various control methods.


Wood breakdown from beetle infestations can lead to serious structural weakness." anobiids still are feeding within the wood. Discovering frass as it is pushed out of exit holes is the best indicator of larval activity (Fig. 8).

Vegetable Insects

SQUASH BEETLE ON CUCURBITS Frankie Lam, Ricky E. Foster, Extension Entomologists, Dan Egel, Extension Plant Pathologist, and Chris Gunter, Extension Horticulturalist Department of Entomology Vegetable Insects E-100-W PURDUE EXTENSION Squash beetle, which is native to Central and Eastern North ...

May/June beetles

245 IPM of Midwest Landscapes Turf Pests Raster of May or June beetle grub. The hindend of the grub is called the raster. It contains sutures and hairs used to identify the grub species.

Colorado Exotic Insect Detection and Identification Fact ...

Asian Longhorned Beetle in Colorado - Identification of Insects and Damage of Similar Appearance Colorado Exotic Insect Detection and Identification Fact Sheet Series

Western Bark Beetle Strategy

July 11, 2011 1 Western Bark Beetle Strategy Human Safety, Recovery and Resiliency U. S. Forest Service 7/11/2011 The Western Bark Beetle Strategy identifies how the Forest Service is responding to and will respond to the western bark beetle epidemic over the next five years.

Southern Pine Beetle

SPB attacks all pine species including pitch, shortleaf, loblolly, and Virginia, preferring trees weakened from drought, stress, or injury. The tree crown displays the first outward sign of infestation when it rapidly turns from a healthy green to yellow, red, and finally, brown.

Carpet Beetles

Certain types of soil and stains, such as perspiration, urine, grease, and food stains, make fabric more Varied Carpet beetle Carpet beetles are the most frequently encountered fabric pests in West Virginia.

Dung Beetle

DungBeetleaaa Edition Date - 11/21/2005 Researched and written by the Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo Education Volunteers Dung Beetle Photo courtesy of Janet Wisneski Habitat • In the Wild: The Phanaeus difformis is found in the southwestern United States.

Small hive beetle: the next threat to British honey bees?

Andrew G S Cuthbertson, James J Mathers, Lisa F Blackburn, Mike A Brown and Gay Marris Food and Environment Research Agency, York, UK S mall hive beetles (SHB) (Aethina

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