Access Committee - Regent Alvarado - The committee addressed the

Minutes OHIO BOARD OF REGENTS October 21, 2005 I. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Edmund J. Adams. The roll was called by Regent Bruce R. Beeghly.

A Abraham, Martin A.

Beeghly College of Education, 2209 Williams, Janet Dr. 1928 [email protected] Professor Teacher Education Beeghly College of Education, 2308 Williams, Randall Sgt. 3527

$200K grant focuses on social/emotional learning

YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY February 5, 2010 $200K grant focuses on social/emotional learning Philip Ginnetti The Beeghly College of Education will soon begin incorporating social and emotional learning theory into its curriculum under a $200,000 allocation from the federal government.

Alumni Reunion

If you have questions about making a memorial or honory donation, contact the Foundation treasurer, Dorothy Beeghly, at 641-366-2819, Ext. 201.

Resources & System Efficiency Committee Ohio Board of Regents ...

In attendance were the following: Committee members: Bruce Beeghly, Committee Chair Donna Alvarado Thomas Noe James Tuschman Other Board members in attendance: Edmund Adams Anthony Houston J. Gilbert Reese Ohio Board of Regents staff: Harry Andrist, Director, Research & Graduate Programs Roderick Chu, Chancellor ...

Advancing Knowledge, Building Community

EXHIBIT 17 *PROPOSED*CAMPUS*PLAN 17.1 Proposed Main Campus Plan 17.2 Proposed Tenley Campus Plan EXHIBIT 18 *PROPOSED*NEW*FACILITIES 18.1.1 Washington College of Law, Tenley Campus 18.1.1a Site Analysis 18.1.1b Site Plan 18.1.1c Street Views 18.1.2 Beeghly Addition 18.1.2a Beeghly Addition Existing Site Plan 18.1.2b ...

Access Committee - Regent Alvarado - A presentation about ...

Nominating Committee - Regent Brown and Miller - The nominating committee put forth the following slate of officers for 2005: Chair, Regent Ed Adams, Vice Chair, Regent Donna Alvarado and Secretary, Bruce Beeghly.

Program Effectiveness, Research & Technology Committee Ohio ...

Program Effectiveness, Research & Technology Committee Ohio Board of Regents Minutes of the Meeting of September 18, 2003 The meeting was called to order by Regent Beeghly at 11:21 a.m. Regents present were: Edmund J. Adams Donna M. Alvarado Bruce R. Beeghly, Committee Chair Jeanette G. Brown ...


Agenda OHIO BOARD OF REGENTS MEETING June 19, 2008 8:30 a.m. - 3: 00 p. m. 1. Welcome Bruce Beeghly, Vice Chair, Ohio Board of Regents 2. Minutes Approval of minutes from the May meeting.

4 * Response: A Promising

47 4 * Response: A Promising Beginning for Learning to Grade Student Writing Carole Beeghly Bencich Indiana University of Pennsylvania Carole Beeghly Bencich is director ofEnglish education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and co-director of the Southcentral Pennsylvania Writing Project.

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