A Closer Look: "Mother Nature'sSon"

Obviously, "Revolution 9"represented the most elaborate use of loops ever on a Beatles track. John Lennonreportedly had men sta-tionedatvarious tape machines throughout Abbey Road during the creation of this song.

The Effect of the Beatles on Society

The Effect of the Beatles on Society In June of 1956, John Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time. Nobody ever dreamed that John and Paul would have the success that they had.

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Beatles fans mourned his loss, and even the Beatles left held a special concert for him. You roll and shake and you land on the backstage of Concert for George.

The Beatles - 1966

The Beatles - 1966 - Instrumentation - Voice Electric guitar Bass guitar Mellotron Electric piano Piano Drums & percussion Swarmandal (Indian table harp) 4 Trumpets 3 Celli (1 detuned) - SCORE NOTES - * 'Strawberry Fields Forever' was originally recorded at Abbey Road studios, London, in ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 1, 2011 ORILLIA BEATLES CELEBRATION RETURNS SEPTEMBER 16 & 17 Beatles Celebration fans will have more to celebrate than ever before at the 5 th Annual Orillia Beatles Celebration returns for two jam-packed days celebrating the Fab Four in downtown Orillia.


TCNJ JOURNAL OF STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP VOLUME XII APRIL, 2010-1-THE BEATLES AND THE COUNTERCULTURE Author: Jessica Corry Faculty Sponsor: David Venturo, Department of English ABSTRACT Throughout the 1960s, the Beatles exerted enormous influence not only as a critically acclaimed and commercially ...

The Beatles

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The Beatles Story The Beatles Story The Beatles-themed visitor attraction is now on two sites: Albert Dock and the Pier Head SEE MORE, SAME PRICE, GREAT VALUE Located in Liverpool, the award-winning Beatles Story experience is an atmospheric journey into the life, times, culture and music of ...

Recording The Beatles - Drum Screens - Excerpt

C. D. screens 196 One element contributing to the Beatles' drum sound was the use of a three-sided drum booth, formed by a set of large screens placed around Ringo's kit.

The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour Film:

The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour Movie: A Guide to the Magic and Mystery The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour Film:

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