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27 Herbert Basedow, like many travellers before him and since, took photographs of the people and places he encountered. But what sets Basedow apart is the places he visited.

Herbert Basedow on Buxton, a riding camel, near present-day ...

Herbert Basedow on Buxton, a riding camel, near present-day Granite Downs station, South Australia 1903 photograph by Alfred Treloar using Basedow’s camera

The last serum sample ofJanuary 11, 1996 was assayed with and without the addition of antibody because of the possibility of the presence of human antimouse antibody (HAMA) interfering with This is a case of thyrotoxicosis, presumably due to Jod-Basedow syndrome, after stable iodine ingestion for ...

09 Basedow Publication

07 Basedow Author Approval09 Basedow Publication 7/30/2007 10:22:27 AM 429 The Modernization of European Competition Law: A Story of Unfinished Concepts

Endocrine Emergencies

Thyroid Storm •precipitating factors-discontinued antithyroidmedications-infection-surgery-iodine load (Jod Basedow) -rare •T3 and T4 levels are similar to uncomplicated thyrotoxicosis-Free T4 and T3 levels higher in some studies

North Charleston Arts Festival Judged Fine Art Exhibition ...

Hon. Mention - Doylene Basedow, Palmetto Hon. Mention - Roberta Byron, A Good Egg Drawing/Pastel 1 st Place – Bob Graham, Waiting for the Bus

The Makers and Making of Indigenous Australian Museum Collections

... man, Wyndham, c. 1898 Plate 11.1: Sir Colin MacKenzie, 1930s Plate 11.2: The Australian Institute of Anatomy, 1930s Plate 11.3: Herbert Basedow, about 1925 Plate 11.4: Edmund Milne next to the stump marking a grave Plate 11.5: Edmund Milne at festivities marking the grave site Plate 11.6: Basedow ...

Bürgerinitiative „Steakhouse" Basedow

Bürgerinitiative „Steakhouse" Basedow Über die Situation des Steakhouse in Basedow wird viel geredet und geschrieben. Aber wer kennt die wirkliche Situation - was konkret dahinter steckt?

Drug-Induced Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis

The Jod-Basedow phenomenon 15 occurs in patients unable to induce the Wolff-Chaikoff block, a normal protective mechanism that, in the presence of excess iodine, inhibits organifi-cation and subsequent excessive thyroid hormone synthesis. 16 Iodine-containing medications known to cause hyperthyroidism ...

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