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Menu Bar At the top of the program window is a menu bar containing three main menu items: File Options Help ... Examples are values for acceptable minimum and maximum joist spacing, acceptable minimum and maximum joist depth, types of joists to be considered (K, LH ...

Lecture 18 - Open Web Steel Joists

Lecture 18 - Page 1 of 10 Lecture 18 - Open Web Steel Joists Open web steel joists, or "Bar Joists" are very efficient structural members commonly ... Live Load = 25 PSF • Service Snow Load = 35 PSF • Service Wind Uplift = -12 PSF REQUIRED: Design the K series joists assuming the maximum joist spacing = ...

Vulcraft Steel Joists and Joist Girders Catalog

MAXIMUM JOIST SPACING FOR HORIZONTAL BRIDGING BRIDGING MATERIAL SIZE Round Rod Equal Leg Angles SECTION1/2"DIA1 x 7/64 1-1/4 x 7/64 1-1/2 x7/64 1-3/4 x 7/64 2x 1/8 2-1/2 x 5/32 NUMBER** (13mm) (25mm x 3mm) (32mm x 3mm) (38mm x 3mm) (45mm x 3mm) (51mm x 3mm) (64mm x 4mm) r = .13" r = .25" r = .25" r = .30" r = .35" ...


VP FRAMING SYSTEMS STYlE FEATURES WIDEBAY TRUSSED PURlIN IDEAl FOR EXTENDED BAY WIDTHS, PROVIDING SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE WHEN COMPARED TO BAR JOIST ideBay ... The WideBay Trussed Purlin design can accommodate roof snow loads up to 40 pounds per square foot at a 5'-0" on-center spacing for a 60'-0" span.

Understanding steel joists

Lighter weight joists translate into potentially lighter weight columns and reduced foundation costs. • Live-load deflections are significantly reduced due to composite action. • Efficient erection of the CJ-Series joist system reduces construction time. Wider joist spacing reduces the number of joists to ...

Instructions for Obtaining a Retrofit Estimate

Please describe the following: A. Joist type (bar joist, steel beam, dimensional lumber, heavy-timber, concrete, etc.) B. The joist spacing regardless of type (dimensions across the joists) C.

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Alternatively, use Gypframe RB2 SureFix Bar which eliminates nail-popping ● Select the right length of fixing (nominal entry into timber of 25mm ... Furthermore, timber noggings should always be incorporated when fixing boards offering a vapour control layer, irrespective of joist spacing, e.g. DUPLEX ...

the ecospaN® composite floor system

The bar joist depth ranges from 10" to 22" with clear spans between load bearing supports of up to 40'. system Advantages: • Open web joist configuration and spacing of 48" oc allows HVAC and electrical design flexibility.

Fig. 825A - Bar Joist Sway Brace Attachment

... CORONA, CA 92879 PH: 951.737.5599 FAX: 951.737.0330 CUSTOMER SERVICE 800.786.5266 143 Fig. 825A - Bar Joist Sway ... For additional load, spacing and placement information relating to OSHPD projects, please refer to the TOLCO Seismic Restraint Systems Guidelines.

SCSJ-002 Steel Joist catalog

The first joist in 1923 was a Warren truss type, with top and bottom chords of round bars and a web formed from a single continuous bent bar. ... ASSEMBLIES WITH DIRECT APPLIED PROTECTION Built Up Roof Restrained Type of Minimum Maximum Primary Support Assembly Protection Type of Metal Deck Joist Size Joist Spacing ...

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