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2003 ACURA

TB218 Belts for Passenger Cars/Light Trucks Model Engine Bando Inch OEM (Liters) No. No. No. Model Engine Bando Inch OEM (Liters) No. No. No. 6

Power Max Power King Cog Power Ace Power Ace Industrial Power ...

Reference Information 2 To find an authorized BANDO distributor, go to or call 1-800-829-6612 ... cal cross section belts. BANDO's Power Ace® should be considered for any new drive application, as they can transmit the same load as ...

Bando CD-ROM Catalog

... REFERENCE INFORMATION ... Compression Section — The compression section — firm enough to maintain cross section ... Static Conductivity All Bando belts labeled static conductive will meet the Rubber Manufacturers ...


... Link Belting.., ,,, ,,,.. 24 Multi RibbedBelts (H, J, L, M),, . ,, , ,..,, 25 Tools and Equipment,, ",.. 26 Thermoid Trade Name Cross Reference, 27 ... Three cross-sections of Maxipower belts handle jobs usually requiring five sizes of classical V-belts.

Snowmobile & ATV Belt Catalog

Dayco ® HPX (High Performance Extreme) ATV Belt Designed to dominate any type of terrain from mud hole to rocky trails to hill climbs to desert treks Dayco HPX ATV Belts deliver unparalleled response.

GatesFacts™ Technical Information Library

Further, it's common to find metric belts in nonstandard cross sections and lengths that can't be easily interchanged with U.S. belts. Some interchange catalogs list differences in length between equivalent U.S. and metric belts, with these differences typically ranging up to 1 in. for the longest belts.


B220 and larger inside length plus 1.3" NOTE: The cross section of our "B" and "5L" section v-belts are identical. To order a "5L" belt just add 3" to the "B" section number.

BU-200 Industrial Catalog 2004

Application Exclusions For safety reasons, Bando USA belts may not be designed into, applied on, or sold ... THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ® 3 Reference ... minimizes or eliminates the "turnover" problem normally associated with small cross belts.

HeavyDutyV-Belt DriveDesignManual

V-Belts, Super HC Molded Notch V-Belts and Super HC PowerBand ® Belts) Cross Section Selection Chart (For Hi-Power ® II V-Belts, Hi-Power II PowerBand Belts and Tri-Power

Gates Belt/Sprocket Interchange Guide

... QT Powerchain ® is a trademark of TB Wood's, Inc. •Synchro-Link ® is a trademark of Bando Chemical ... Note: For new drivedesigns, belts should only be used with the intended sprockets (see warnings). ... Please reference the chart below for nominal Timing belt dimensions.

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