So You Want To Be In The Balloon Business? Here's what you ...

800 239-2000 fax 800 735-3528 ©2008 Balloons Are Everywhere, Inc. New Business Starter Package To Find a Local Helium Supplier - Look in the Yellow Pages under Gas-Industrial & Medical-Cylinder Bulk #48700 New Business Starter Package includes 18" Everyday Messages ...


PRICING : Refer to chart below: 2,500; 5,000 and 10,000 prices are per 1,000 balloons, based upon printing on standard / designer color balloons.


For the latest new releases, current prices and special offers, please visit 7 Latex Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or

Activity Kit

BALLOONS OVER BROADWAY The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade By Melissa Sweet EVERYONE LOVES MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE! From Montana to Maine and Kentucky to California, families across the country begin their Thanksgiving celebrations by watching the parade as it winds its way ...

Title: Balloons, Balloons, Flying High

Title: Balloons, Balloons, Flying High Brief Overview: This thematic learning unit focusing on balloons will allow students to collect, organize, analyze, interpret data in a real-world context.

Introductory Question

•1 Balloons 1 Balloons Balloons 2 Introductory Question Ñ A helium balloon has mass, yet it doesn't fall to the floor. Is there a real force pushing up on the helium balloon?


BALLOON RIDES IN ELOY ARIZONA Balloon rides in Arizona are $75.00 per person for a 1/2 hour flight or $150.00 for one full 1 hr. The balloon rides in Arizona are unique because my main passenger base is Skydivers.

Balloon Recipe

Create the autumn leaves out of the star balloons by putting a seal from tip to tail. To do this, place the un-inflated star balloons in the heat sealer lengthwise.

The Balloon Popper

Skill - Reading Comprehension Name: _____ © Text By: The Balloon Popper By: National Geographic Kids (Adapted by Have Fun Teaching) Balloons don't last very long around Spunky the Jack Russell ...

Eight Balloons

from the poem by Shel Silverstein in A Light in the Attic HarperCollins Children'sBooks Bring Eight Balloons to Life Choose eight friends to perform a short play.

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