Professional Series Strobe Lights •EASY TOUSE For advanced amateurand professional photographers. •STABILIZER For consistent power output regardless of variations in the power supply.


9/22/05 AREA BACKDROP CONTRACT (ABC) AGREEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION SCOPE OF SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED I. GENERAL The CONSULTANT will provide, to the satisfaction of the STATE, Construction Inspection (CI) services (including resident engineering, contract administration and field ...

create a full-length backdrop

create a full-length backdrop After using Backdrop Designer to create a new background, simulate a floor to add believability to your photograph. a tutorial for: backdrop designer [ from Digital Anarchy ] f/x tools for revolutionaries. create your own background a b

A Birthday Party Backdrop

A Birthday Party Backdrop by Tate Elliott This article was first published in the December issue of KIDabra Journal. For some time I've been improving my birthday party show: upgrading my props, improving my routines, and adding music.

create realistic stained glass

create realistic stained glass Use Backdrop Designer with Photoshop tools to create believable stained glass imagery. a tutorial for: backdrop designer [ from Digital Anarchy ] f/x tools for revolutionaries. create your own background

Backdrop Recommendations List

4 Schell Scenic Studio, Inc. Backdrop Recommendations for These limited selections can help you get started finding the appropriate drops for your production or event.

"How To Fold A Backdrop!"

"How To Fold A Backdrop!" (with special thanks to "The Backstage Handbook" by Paul Carter) Step 1.) Lay the drop on it's back (painted side up) and find the tag.

Step 1: attach the silver colored tripod connector to the L ...

Step 4 Set up your light stand and attach the entire assembly from step 3 to the Light stand as shown in the image below Step 5. Open the umbrella soft box and locate the black colored ring in the middle.

Backdrop Stands

01Jan10 5 [email protected] Backdrop Stands Theatre Service&Supply Corp. 1792 Union Ave Baltimore, MD 21211 USA Pho. 410-467-1225 Fax. 410-467-1289 [email protected] DL/BG-3CB DA-BGS PHOTOGRAPHIC BACKDROP STANDS: Lightweight telescoping ...

User's Manual

The Backdrop LIFT is a telescoping product designed to hoist a backdrop or drape to a height of 17 feet. This unique product gives you the ability to set up a backdrop/drape from a standing position of 5'10" by tying or clamping the product across 25'w sections of truss.

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