The Backcountry Grows Up

1 ©2006 North Carolina Museum of History Office of Archives and History, N.C. Department of Cultural Resources The Backcountry Grows Up By Dr. Christopher E. Hendricks From Tar Heel Junior Historian 45:2 (spring 2006).

The Backcountry

Native Americans whose land they were taking. Life in the Backcountry was harsh. But by the late 1600s, many families had chosen it as a place to live.

Grand Teton

In The Backcountry Planning Your Trip This guide contains general information regarding Grand Teton National Park's backcountry. For specific information obtain a topographic map of the park or a hiking guide.

Backcountry Permit Request Form

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK BACKCOUNTRY PERMIT REQUEST FORM Submit form by fax (928) 638-2125 (preferable) or by mail to: Backcountry Information Center, Grand Canyon National Park, 1824 S Thompson St, Ste 201, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Back Country Horsemen of America

Peggy Thompson 870-743-1344 [email protected] Buffalo River Backcountry Horsemen Host Leave No Trace Training A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.


backcountry CHIPPEWA NATIONAL FOREST SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE 218-335-8600 Camping If you enjoy getting back to basics… Chippewa National Forest offers a range of camping opportunities! developed campgrounds but for a more primitive experience, there are over 380 ...

The Backcountry

Taking Notes Use your chart to take notes about the backcountry. NEW ENGLAND MIDDLE COLONIES Climate Resources People CAUSES Economic Development EFFECT 126 C HAPTER 4 Geography of the Backcountry Just as Spotswood predicted, settlers soon began to move into the Backcountry.

Backcountry Guide Craig Lake State Park

Backcountry Guide Craig Lake State Park Great Lakes, Great Times, Great Outdoors Introduction This manual provides you with important information concerning backcountry camping/ boating in Craig Lake State Park from May through October.


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Backcountry Lightning Risk Management - Backcountry Lightning ...

Backcountry Lightning Risk Management John Gookin Curriculum & Research Manager, The National Outdoor Leadership School [email protected]

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