Awwa C651

Water System Disinfection

f Discussion According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards for ... analyze the samples in accordance with AWWA C651-92.

Standard Specifications: Appendix

A copy of the standard may also be ob­ tained from the American Water Works Association, 6666 West Quincy Avenue, Denver Colorado, 80235. ... AWWA Standard C651-92 recom ...

New or Repaired Water Mains

ANSI/AWWA Standard C651-92 lists the amounts of chemicals required to neutralize various residual chlorine concentrations. 3.0Sources of Contamination There are three phases associated with water main construction or repair activities where ... Bibliography American Water Works Association. 1973. ...

AWWA-Disinfecting Water Mains

ANSIjAWWA C651-05 (Revision of ANSIj AWWAC651-99) CJ American Water Works Association A~Standard Disinfecting Water Mains •†††††††--.._-----~"~I American NaaonalStandards Insalut.

Performance Testing of Pressure Pipeline

ANSI/AWWA C651 - Standard for Disinfecting Water Mains. F. ANSI/AWWA C900 - Standard for PVC Pipe, 4"-12" for Water Distribution. 1.4 SUBMITTALS A. Test Reports: ...

Procedures for New Watermains

Final Bacteriological Sampling (AWWA C651-05 Sec. 5.1 Modified) The Municipal and/or Plumbing Inspection Section will ensure the bypass is open and take a bacteriological sample at each sample location and have it delivered to the York Durham lab.

Chlorination / DeChlorination Procedures

FIELD CHLORINATION •AWWA/ANSI C651-05-Disinfecting Water Mains •First standard approved Sept. 30, 1947 •Latest revision June 1, 2005-Standards are reviewed every five years.

How Water Works

... and technology 2008 © American Water Works Association 2008 © American Water Works Association Take Effective Steps to Emergency Repairs Some illustration elements exaggerated for emphasis. ... Test for coliform using ANSI/AWWA C651-05 standards.

AWWA Standards

... and Larger 43620 $43 $65 DISINFECTION OF FACILITIES C651-05 Disinfecting Water Mains 43651 $43 $65 C652-02 Disinfection of Water-Storage Facilities 43652 $43 $65 C653-03 Disinfection of Water Treatment Plants 43653 $43 $65 C654-03 Disinfection ... Published by AWWA, 2009, softbound, 96 pp. ISBN 978-1-58321 ...


Disposal of chlorinated water shall be in accordance with AWWA C651-05 and all federal, state, and local requirements. C. After final flushing and before the water main is placed in service, ...

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