CG-3PCX 06 Aug 07 1 REVISED POLICIES FOR AUXILIARISTS IN APPROVAL PENDING (AP) STATUS 1. Member Status and AUXDATA Entries: a. Auxiliarists in AP status shall remain in such status, as reflected by AUXDATA, until receipt of a Favorable PSI determination.


COMDTINST 16500.16A commanders are authorized to employ qualified Auxiliarists in all phases of the Coast Guard's Aids To Navigation Program consistent with this instruction.

Guide to Protocol and Courtesy for Auxiliary Units and ...

The Auxiliary, as part of the Coast Guard family, must observe similar customs and protocols, even though Auxiliarists are civilians. In the Auxiliary, the responsibility of individuals is identified by specific insignia related to the position to which they have been elected or appointed.

USCG Auxiliary Uniform Manual

Auxiliarists All Auxiliarists on board vessel facilities, during an ordered mission, shall wear the Working or Undress uniform, Hot Weather uniform (when authorized), or the Jump suits appropriate to the climate.

USCG Auxiliary Facilities

VEs must ensure that, Auxiliarists submit the name(s) of any/all non-owner Auxiliarists authorized to operate the facility in Section VIII of the Vessel Facility Inspection and Offer For Use Form (ANSC 7003) or the PWC Facility Inspection and Offer For Use form (ANSC 7008).

Chapter 11 Auxiliarist Recognition/Awards

COMDTINST M16790.1G 11-1 Chapter 11 Auxiliarist Recognition/Awards Introduction Auxiliarists, as volunteers, receive no direct compensation for the many hours of time and effort they donate to the Coast Guard.

The USCG Auxiliary Marine Safety & Environmental Protection ...

Aux Pollution Response Specialist -  Assist a qualified Federal On Scene Coordinator (FOSC) in an oil pollution response. Auxiliarists should not be exposed to conditions posing an elevated health or safety risk.


ARTICLE 2-ACTIVITY AWARDS 2.1 Vessel Safety Check Awards 2.1.1 Individual Auxiliarist Performance Commodore H. P. Hadley Plaque will be presented to the Vessel Examiner who conducted the most VSCs during the award year. Second and Third Place Plaques will be presented to those Auxiliarists ...

Chapter 5 Regulations and Policies

Auxiliarists must be aware of the organizational responsibilities and limitations intended by Congress. From these basic laws come the Commandant‘s authority to promulgate pertinent instructions and regulati ons to properly administer the Auxiliary within the Coast Guard framework.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Memorial Guide Book

It is important that Auxiliarists not put undue pressure on the survivors for the use of the Auxiliary service. Auxiliary involvement should not be restricted to members of the deceased's flotilla.

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