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1 YEAR (12 issues) 3 YEARS (36 issues) 2 YEARS (24 issues) ! Rs 125 india VOL.13 NO.2 . OCTOBER 2011 NEw CaRs fOR 2012 DON’T BUY YOUR NEXT CAR WITHOUT READINg THIS ISSUE!

WDG4 diesel-electric

No 533 RAIl TEST SEpTEmBER 2009 AUTOCAR INDIA 173 IN THE CAB(IN) HHHHHHIIII For a vehicle that's as long as this, cabin space is pathetic.

Fifty not out

SEPTEMBER 2004 AUTOCAR INDIA 27 NEWS AMBY TURNS 50 THE HINDUSTAN Ambassador has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Most of us learnt driving in one and the saying goes that if you can drive an Amby, you can drive any other car.


Autocar India Grande Punto Date: 24-06-2009 | Edition: National | Page: 1 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 22 H: 15 Clip: 1 of 9

Tata Aria 2.2 DiCOR

NOVEMBER 2010 AUTOCAr indiA 115 114 AUTOCAr indiA NOVEMBER 2010 1 Headlights look great but illumination not as good as safari. photography ashl E y B axt ER & R aj EEV gaikwad THe AriA's lineAge can be traced to the indiva concept which Tata Motors displayed at the geneva ...

Apollo Driving off the Map - All fields marked with* are ...

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Chander MRai President & CEO Cross Border Media Inc

Autocar India Some Other Haymarket Titles in India AUTOCAR PROFFESSIONAL WHAT CAR WHAT HI-FI CAMPAIGN PRINT WEEK STUFF. Magazine: Read by 35,000 customers of services; ...

force Motors' suV plan gathers speed

One of the oldest names in India's auto sector gets ready to take on M&M and Tata Motors

Foreign Investment in Print Media

Britain's Haymarket Publishing Group already has ties to Autocar India , with 80,000 subscribers. Haymarket doesn't own a stake, but helps with research and management.

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