Learning in Autism

Autistic Learning in the Cognitive and Savant Literatures The cognitive literature in autism provides few empirical findings directly related to learning, ...

Autistic Behavior: Etiology and Evaluation 1 Materials available in the Neuropsychology Central ™ site are protected by copyright law. Copyright © 2002, Telepsychology Solutions / J.N.Browndyke, Ph.D.

Treatment Options for People with Autism

Advice for Parents of Young Autistic Children (2004): Working Paper Treatment Options for People with Autism

Prosody in Autism 1

Prosody in Autism 2 Abstract Prosody of speech includes many voice qualities such as stress, inflection, intonation, and resonance. While there is not a significant body of research discussing prosody in autistic individuals, the available literature suggests that many autistic individuals have ...

The Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders

3 Reasons for Increased Vigilance Autistic spectrum disorders are much more common than previously suggested. 60 (vs. 4 to 6) per 10,000 in the general


Other Important Considerations When Recording Presence of Autistic Disorder or Other Pervasive Developmental Disorder Persons with Autistic Disorder or Other Pervasive Developmental Disorder sometimes have co-existing conditions that should be recorded in other sections of the CDER as described ...

Autistic-like behavior in CHARGE syndrome

American Journal of Medical Genetics 133A:257-261 (2005) Autistic-Like Behavior in CHARGE Syndrome TimothyS. Hartshorne,*Tina L. Grialou, and Kellie R. Parker Psychology Department, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan Children with CHARGE syndrome frequently exhibit moderate to ...

Autism Report 2003

AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDERS Changes In The California Caseload An Update: 1999 Through 2002 April 2003 Department of Developmental Services 1600 Ninth Street, Room 240 Sacramento, CA 95814 California Health and Human Services Agency • State of California This report & the 1999 Autism Report ...

living with an autistic child

1 J:\handout\LIVING.AUT (61) August 13, 1998 Diagnostic Center, Southern California California Department of Education LIVING WITH A CHILD WITH AUTISM Raising a child with autism is one of the hardest things a parent will ever have to do.

Campbell-McBride Autism Article

1 Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS) ™™™™ Dr. N. Campbell-McBride, MD Not many people would choose to become parents of an autistic child.

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