SIUC Writing Center TYPES OF AUDIENCES LAY The lay audience refers to anyone unfamiliar with the field. • Keep it basic • Give background information • Define Terms • Use simple visuals—graphics • Provide human interest—consider title and purpose; catch the ...

Define the Purpose, Consider the Audience, and Develop the Thesis

Email at [email protected] University West, room 129 (361) 570-4288 Define the Purpose, Consider the Audience, and Develop the Thesis By now you most likely have a topic for your research paper in mind.

Revisiting the Concepts of Mass Communication, the Audience ...

2 Revisiting 'Mass Communication' and the 'Work' of the Audience in the New Media Environment Abstract This paper revisits the concept of mass communication, which has faced persistent challenges to its continued relevance in light of changes that have taken place in the media environment.


AUDIENCE STRATEGY FOR ALL PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION WHY IS STRATEGY IN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IMPORTANT TO YOU? While this particular career-management resource tool, at first, may seem to you unrelated to


LANGUAGE - Choose language that will help you to express yourself clearly and effectively. - Select appropriate language that is specific to your writing goal or situation.

This is, of course, the main result of redaction-critical ...

Matthew's Audience and the Gospel of Mark With this somewhat guarded understanding of the nature of Matthew's implied audience, and the strong possibility that Matthew was not writing to a specific distinct community, ...

Writing Across the Curriculum

5 Audience and Purpose in Writing Jack Jobst Michigan Technological University To most of us, the word "audience" presents an image of people in an auditorium applauding the efforts of an entertainer on stage.

NPR 2009 Demographics

Demographics Who is the NPR Audience? The public radio audience is set apart by its high degree of educational and professional attainment. Gender.

How to Engage Your Audience and Keep Them with You

Microsoft Word - Tips for Engaging Your Audience and Keeping them with You.doc

Role, Audience, Format, Topic

R.A.F.T. Role, Audience, Format, Topic Purpose: The RAFT technique provides an easy, meaningful way to incorporate writing into content-area instruction.

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