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Automatic Sprinklers: Special Application Attic Sprinklers. No. FP-2011-51 December 20, 2011. Learning Objective: The student shall be able to identify four conditions affecting the installation of special application attic


Make sure that any attic hatch is insulated as well. Your home should have at least R-38, but if you have R-19 or more now, you may save more by insulating other uninsulated areas before you add more attic insulation.

Issues Related to Venting of Attics and Cathedral Ceilings

CH-99-11-4 Issues Related to Venting of Attics and Cathedral Ceilings Anton TenWolde Member ASHRAE William B. Rose Member ASHRAE ABSTRACT Current model building codes require attic ventilation in

Vented and Sealed Attics In Hot Climates

Vented and Sealed Attics in Hot Climates Research Report - 9801 1998 Armin Rudd and Joseph Lstiburek Abstract: Sealed attic construction, by excluding vents to the exterior, can be a good way to exclude moisture-laden outside air from attic and may offer a more easily constructed alternative for ...

Topical Fire Report Series: Attic Fires in Residential Buildings

U.S. Department of Homeland Security • U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Data Center • Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727 T opical F ire r eporT S erieS Volume 11, Issue 6 / January 2011 Attic Fires in Residential Buildings These topical reports are designed to ...


Always exercise caution when working on insecure floors - place a board on the attic floor to stand on during installation. 2. The radiant barrier will be installed on the underside of the rafters with the material being run across the rafter facings (Figure 1). 3.


Where Samplers Rule The Attic, Mesa, AZ Toll-Free: 1.888.94-ATTIC (1.888.942.8842) THE ATTIC Issue No. 11-29 Just 15 minutes from the Airport at the NE CORNER OF CENTER & MCKELLIPS 106 E. McKellips Rd, Suite 111 Mesa, AZ 85201 TELEPHONE (480)898-1838 FACSIMILE (480)898 ...

your community energy company printed on recycled paper

the attic, half the bags when you’ve done half the attic, etc. Fill all spaces, but maintain at least a 3-inch clearance from heat sources. Avoid blocking ventilation.

Home Insulation 1-07

Seal Attic Bypasses First Preventing air leaks into walls and ceiling is essential for insulation to be effective. One-third to one-half of the home's heated air in winter ...


Manufacturers Fact Sheet AttiCat ® Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas ™ Insulation This fact sheet contains important details about Owens Corning’s

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