Spray Water Attemperators

High cycle fatigue resulting from thermal expansion of the component parts of the liner and its support system, and stress corrosion cracking, either singly or in combination, are responsible for most conventional attemperator liner failures.

Utility Boiler Attemperator Controls

Utility Boiler Attemperator Controls Background Design Approach Scope of Supply Summary Effective control of main steam temperature on a coal fired utility boiler provides a difficult challenge.

Superheat, Reheat Attemperator Spray Service in Fossil Plants

T o Final Superheat Spray Control Valve Block Valve Attemperator The Problem Steam temperature control is required at the outlet of superheaters and reheaters.

Fisher®Superheater and Reheater Attemperator Solutions

Technology and Innovation in Process Control Application Discussion A s with any superheated steam cycle, the temperature of the superheat needs to be controlled to ensure that it does not exceed the material limits of the steam turbine and boiler.

JOURNAL, First Quarter 2005 1 ATTEMPERATORS Tight specs, good ...

cally see pressures up to 1900 psig, temperatures To drum outlet tank Drum outlet valve Spray water contr ol valve Feedwater minimum flow valve Boiler feedwater pump Drum Attemperator Attemperator Feedwater tank

Boiler Basics

Components of a boiler system The main components in a boiler system are boiler feedwater heaters, deaerators, feed pump, economiser, superheater, attemperator, steam system, condenser and condensate pump.

Control System Retrofits to Improve Plant Efficiency

Improved control of the firing rate, and the use of the firing rate as a feedforward for turbine valve position and the attemperator control valve, will result in improved coordination control of the boiler/turbine unit for pressure and temperature.


the superheater outlet piping between the superheater outlet header and an attemperator station in the penthouse of the boiler. The attemperator is used to cool the outlet steam to

Steam Desuperheaters

Schutte & Koerting • 2510 Metropolitan Drive • Trevose, PA 19053 • USA • tel: (215) 639-0900 • fax: (215) 639-1597 • • 1 Attemperator Desuperheaters Bulletin 6D-A APPLICATION Attemperator Desuperheaters reduce steam temperature by bringing superheated steam into ...


transfer pipes carry the steam into the primary superheater bundle.Steam leaves the pri mary superheater bundle and passes through the spray attemperator and into the radiant

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