Zhumell's 25x100 binoculars capture lots of light

64 Astronomy • April 2011 O ver the past year or so, I've seen a lot of buzz in online astronomy forums about the 25x100 Tachyon binoculars by Zhumell.

Meade's affordable large refractor

they offer crisp images and fewer collimation troubles compared to large reflectors. If you yearn for a large-aperture refractor without having to take out a second mortgage, consider Meade's LXD75-series AR-6 AT achromatic telescope.

Merit Badge Workbook

Astronomy Merit Badge Workbook This workbook can help you but you still need to read the merit badge pamphlet (book). No one can add or subtract from the Boy Scout Requirements #33215.

Astronomical events in 2011

La Société Guernesiaise Astronomy Section Astronomical events in 2011 By David Le Conte This year there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun and a total eclipse of the Moon.

TeleScOpeS n AcceSSORieS

2 history of Celestron H i s t o r y o f c e l e s t r o n I n 1609, world-renowned Italian scientist, Galileo Galilei, introduced an elementary telescope to the growing astronomy community which sparked interest into the mysterious night sky for centuries to come.

Astronomy Curriculum

Revised February 9, 2009 Georgia Department of Education Kathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools 4/30/2009 12:57 PM Page 1 of 9 All Rights Reserved Astronomy Curriculum The Georgia Performance Standards are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills for proficiency in science.


NORWEGIAN ASTRONOMY VOYAGE 20 - 27 January, 2012 This 7 night tour exclusively for Astronomy Ireland members offers the chance to see the best of Norway's beautiful coastline combined with fantastic opportunities to see the incredible Aurora Borealis as you cruise far away from artificial light ...


Periodicals: Research, News, Hot Topics & Features Journals: formal, peer-reviewed articles in which researchers report their new work Magazines: news and features for non-specialists or the general public Astronomy -related periodicals available in print at CCC Library: Astronomy & Physics ...


Astronomy Timeframe: Week 7 and 8 Topic: Ch 6 Methods of Observation Objectives The student will understand the basic methods and tools of observation in astronomy.


Astronomy Biography: The following books contain information on notable astronomers. Brahe, Tycho (1546-1601) Boerst, William J. Tycho Brahe: Mapping the Heavens.

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