Asking And Telling Sentence Worksheets

Punctuation worksheet 3

A period (.) comes at the end of a statement or a telling sentence. ... Write a question or an asking sentence about someplace you went last week. Title:

Punctuation What is yourfavorite food? My mom is ateacher ...

Statements, or telling sentences, end with a period. Questions, or asking sentences, end with a question mark. Name: _____ Directions: Read each sentence below.

Telling and asking sentences.

THORN COUNTY PRIMARY C:\ATestFolder\newcont\ianslit1\Telling and asking sentences.doc Telling and asking sentences. Copy these sentences putting in capital letters and choosing a full stop or a question mark.

How to Make Sentences

period to end declarative sentence. question mark to end interrogative sentence. Step One • Begin your sentence with a capital letter. ... 1 asking, 1 telling, and 1 exciting.

Telling or Asking Sentences

S4W.Tests.G2B. Level B Lesson 8 Name _____ Tests for Elements of Language Telling or Asking Sentences Should each sentence end with a period ( .

Types of Sentences Read each sentence and add the correct ...

Name: _____ Types of Sentences Read each sentence and add the correct punctuation mark(s). Then, write statement ... Sara ate a slice of pizza for lunch . statement Super Teacher Worksheets ...


Each kind of sentence has a special punctuation mark at the end. a) Statements and command sentences always end with a period . b) ... Asking, Telling, Command, Exclamatory 1.

A period (.) is used at the end of a "telling sentence ...

A period (.) is used at the end of a "telling sentence". Write 3 sentences that each tell a fact about the president of the United States. A question mark (?) is used at the end of an "asking sentence".

Name Telling or Asking?

LE04_LA_BLM LE04_LA_BLM. Telling or Asking? Remember that a telling sentence tells about something or someone.

Writing Different Kinds of Sentences - 1

... _____ Date _____ Grade _____ © Worksheet Library Write a telling sentence about this picture. ... _____ _____ Write an asking sentence about this picture. _____ ...

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