TheV-Shaped Artifact of the Gallbladder Wall

505 TheV-Shaped Artifact of the Gallbladder Wall Michel Lafortune1 Gilles Gari#{233}p? Andr#{233}Dumont* Guy Breton1 Real Lapointe3 Received October 3,1985; accepted after revi-sionApril 19.1986.

Artifact Analysis Worksheet

1. Artifact Analysis Worksheet 5. 2. BRING A SKETCH, A PHOTOGRAPH, OR THE ARTIFACT LISTED IN 4C ABOVE TO CLASS. Designed and developed by the Education Staff, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC 20408 3.

The Artifact Box Exchange Network: Helping Students Learn ...

The Artifact Box Exchange Network: Helping Students Learn About the Place Where They Live Great Lakes Social Studies Conference April 23, 2009 Brian Reid Artifact Box Exchange Network [email protected] Denise Reid Asst. Prof., Eastern Illinois University [email protected]


The artifact hasa (this time dark) circular component, but exhibits mainly a 4-lobe shape similar in size to that seen in the copper rod. We surmise that the symmetric susceptibility artifact is decreased because the slice is taken at a greater distance from the pole faces ...


1 Techniques used in artifact cleaning By Shannon M. Hollsten, Ph.D. Many of our curators have approached our company and asked for our advice on the appropriate methods for displaying and transporting artifacts.

Point May Be Oldest Idaho Human Artifact

Point May Be Oldest Idaho Human Artifact Spear Point Found May Be Among the Oldest Human Made Artifacts in Idaho SALMON, Idaho (AP) - The discovery of a carved obsidian spear point indicates that the earliest humans in what is now Idaho apparently spent time in the area's mountains as well as ...

Artifacts in CT: Recog- nitionandAvoidance1

The usefulness of metal artifact reduction software is sometimes limited because, although streaking distant from the metal implants is removed, there ...

Artifact for Mesoscale Measurement Machines 1

Silicon Micromachined Dimensional Calibration Artifact for Mesoscale Measurement Machines 2 . Sandia National Laboratories PO Box 5800 . Albuquerque, NM 87185 USA

Business Artifacts: A Data-centric Approach to Modeling ...

Artifacts are business-relevant objects that are created, evolved, and (typically) archived as they pass through a business. The artifact type includes both an information model for data about the business objects during their lifetime, anda lifecyclemodel , describing the possible ways and ...

List of Artifacts

BODY WORLDS 2: List of Artifacts Page 1 of 7 List of Artifacts LOCOMOTIVE SYSTEM Shake Hand Body (Ligament Body) Natural ligaments hold this skeleton together.

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