Ardrox Av8

TDS AV 8 engl 05-03-17

Ardrox AV 8 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Description: Super penetrating, water displacing, corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC). Forms a tack-free, firm film.


Diluted 2-6% with water from ambient to 90°C. 20 L Dinitrol/Ardrox AV8 Super penetrating water displacing corrosion inhibiting compound, tack free firm film.

AEROSPACE INDUSTRY PRODUCT GUIDE - Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds

ARDROX ® NOTE: This line card is only a sample of a much broader range of Chemetall's Aerospace specialty chemical products. Chemetall is constantly adding innovative new products to its range.

Dinitrol AV 8

Dinitrol AV 8 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound A company of mg chemical group Dynamit Nobel Characteristics: Super penetrating water displacing, corrosion inhibiting compound, leaving tack - free,

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