AQUAPEX®Professional Plumbing Installation Guide

i This installation guide is published for building officials and plumbing professionals interested in Wirsbo AQUAPEX ® Professional Plumbing systems.

The world's most tested and field-proven PEX tubing

Three decades of independent testing shows: ■ AQUAPEX tubing is still going strong after more than a quarter century of testing under extreme conditions at BASF's independent testing laboratory in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Aquapex, Pressure Rated Tubing, ProPEX and Compression Type ...

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Wirsbo / AquaPEX

PAGE 055-1 Designs and specifications are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Reprinted from manufacturer's material. 2011 Wirsbo / AquaPEX AquaPEX Tube Wirsbo AquaPEX tubing is used in hot and cold potable water distribution systems and Uponor residential fire safety ...

For connections to Wirsbo AQUAPEX® tubing

This Operation Manual is published for building officials and plumbing professionals interested in Uponor plumbing systems. This manual describes general installation recommendations that use Wirsbo AQUAPEX® tubing products.

Uponor News Release: Pre-sleeved Wirsbo AQUAPEX® Tubing

Uponor Pre-sleeved Wirsbo AQUAPEX® Tubing Ideal for Installations in Concrete Slabs or Soil Uponor News Release: Pre-sleeved Wirsbo AQUAPEX® Tubing

A clean, healthy and safe plumbing system

Pure and Simple Pure and Simple ® ® When they choose Wirsbo AQUAPEX ®, builders, contractors and homeowners are comforted to know that their plumbing system will last.


Uponor AquaPEX is listed in the following model codes for water service: • IPC • UPC • NSPC • NPC of Canada Note: Check with your local Uponor representative for

Wirsbo AQUAPEX® plus — Blue Tubing Coil

Wirsbo AQUAPEX ® plus — Blue Tubing Coil Submittal Information Revision A: April 21, 2008 Project Information Job Name: Location: Part No. Ordered: Engineer: Date Submitted: Contractor: Submitted By: Manufacturer's Representative: Approved By: Technical Data Material: Crosslinked polyethylene ...

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