Annuities by Craig J. McCann, PhD, CFA and Kaye A. Thomas 1 Tax-deferred variable annuities (hereafter "annuities") are contracts with insurance companies through which the public can invest in portfolios of stocks and bonds similar to mutual funds. 2 Annuities are costly, complex investments ...

Annuities: The Problems

1 Annuities: The Problems J. Michael Orszag 1 Presented at NAPF Annual Conference, May 11-12, 2000 General George Marshall's favorite advice was: "Don't fight the problem.


ANNUITIES An annuity is a product which can provide you with an income for as long as you live. There are two types of annuities: The first is when you pay a lump sum to a life insurance company, and they pay it out to you right away in periodic installments.

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Income Annuities we offer one of the safest forms of fixed term purchases available today . Can I sell the payment stream at a later date?


What is a Variable Annuity? Variable annuitiesare complex investment products, often described as mutual funds wrapped in an insurance policy. Under a varia ble annuity contract, an insurance company agrees to make periodic payments to you, beginning either immediately or at some future date.

Annuities - Good Or Bad?

Annuities - Good Or Bad? Michael P. Hoffman Registered Representative In recent weeks I have been hearing and reading attacks on annuities from the likes of syndicated radio talk show host and consumer advisor Clark Howard and other lesser-known types in the print media.

Family Financial Management

Outlines how to shop for and choose an annuity and how it can help individuals achieve retirement and estate planning goals. MT199213 HR reviewed 1/05 Annuities by Marsha A. Goetting, Ph.D., CFP, ® CFCS, Professor and Extension Family Economics Specialist, Montana State University-Bozeman D-16 ...

Acknowledging Delivery of Your Annuity Contract

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How can an annuity help

How can an annuity help . with retirement planning? Client Guide Understanding annuities

Variable Annuity Subaccount Transfers

For more information on our internet site, please contact the Annuities Service Center at 888-778-2888.

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