Protein Folding and DNA Origami

Anfinsen expressed the hypothesis that "… the particular conformation that a protein assumes, under any set of specific conditions, is the one that is thermodynamically most stable."

Modeling Protein Folding Pathways

We will discuss issues of accuracy and resolution and present some possible directions for the future. 1.1 Protein Folding Pathway History The early work of Levinthal and Anfinsen established that a protein chain folds spontaneously and reproducibly to a unique three dimensional structure when placed in ...


wit.h the extinction coefficient reported by Olson and Anfinsen (1). This low protein concentration permits neglect of the effect of thermodynamic nonideality on the equilibration of the

The Structure of Insulin

However, in contrast to Anfinsen's results, only less than 10% of the activity of insulin was recovered when urea and βmercapto ethanol were removed by dialysis.

A Stoichiometry Driven Universal Spatial Organization of ...

Anfinsen, E. Haber, M. Sela, and F. H. White Jr. 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 47 , 1309-1314 (1961). C. B. Anfinsen. 3. Science 181 , 223-230 (1973). C. Levinthal.

Advances In Protein Chemistry, Vol.34, 1981. Academic Press

R ichardson Acknowledgments I am especially grateful to David Richardson for, among other things, the meticulous technical photography; to Richard Feldmann for extensive use of his molecular display system; and to Chris Anfinsen for suggesting that this article be written.

Troubleshooting affinity chromatography

Other helpful references include Cuatrecases, Wilchek and Anfinsen (1968); Dean, Johnson and Middle (1985); Harlow and Lane (1988); and Wilchek, Miron and Kohn (1984).

Five hierarchical levels of sequence-structure correlation in ...

Levinthal proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the folding process cannot occur by random diffusion. Anfinsen proposed that proteins must form intermediate structures in a time-ordered sequence of events, or

Protein Dynamics Intro From rigid structures to motions on ...

Protein Dynamics Intro From rigid structures to motions on energy landscapes Do you all remember Anfinsen? What concept now associated with his name made Anfinsen famous?


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