Anatomical Position Worksheets


Define the anatomical position. 8. Give the anatomical terms for assigned body regions. 9. Define all assigned directional terms and use each correctly in a sentence.

CSM Anatomy Worksheet One Orientation to the Body

In anatomical position thumbs are to the palms of the hands. 14. The nipples are in the region. 15. If you tickle a persons plantar region, they will probably move their.

Anatomy: Muscle Actions Worksheet / Problems

Biology 47 - Human Anatomy 7-23 2009 edition 7.0 - Muscle revised 10/1/09 Name: _____ Your Lab Time (7:45 AM or 10:55 AM ) _____ Due_____ Questions / Review Lab 7.0 Anatomy: Muscle Actions Worksheet / Problems Work through the following worksheet without attempting to ...

Body Planes

Name: Class: Date: Due Date: 1 Body Planes and Anatomical Directions Label the body planes and anatomical directions using the letters in the diagram.

In This Chapter:

In This Chapter: Terms and Concepts Worth Knowing 17 Anatomical Position 17 Directional Terms 17 Planes of the Body 17 Joint Movements 18 The Musculoskeletal System 21 Bones of the Human Body 22 Bone Shape 22 Bone Classification 22 Bone Composition 23 Effect of Fitness on Bone 23 The Human ...

1: The Human Body: An Orientation

Anatomical position is a position in which the body is erect, palms face forward, and thumbs point away from the body. a. In anatomical position, ...

Unit C: Body Systems

Summer 2005 C.22 ANATOMY - study of the parts of the body PHYSIOLOGY - function of the body ANATOMICAL POSITION - standing erect with face forward, ...

Dental and General Anatomy Course Outcome Summary

diagram shows accurate anatomical terminology for the anatomical position A.2. diagram includes accurate directional terminology for the anatomical position A.3.

Kinesiology Anatomical Directional Terminology - Planes of Motion

Define anatomical directional terminology 2. Understand planes of motion 1. Answer/Label the diagram below: A. What is the term used to describe this position. B.

Joints (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, and Ankle) Examination

Normal range of motion is measured with zero degrees the anatomical position except for 2 situations: i. Supination and pronation of the forearm is measured with the arm against the body, the elbow flexed to 90 degrees, ...

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