Lab 8 BJT Biasing and Q-Point

Ib Ic Ie +-Vbe EBC Figure 7-1: The bipolar junction transistor. In order to analyze a BJT circuit the following simplified equations can be used: II I VV cc b be ≈≈ ≈ β.7 These equations assume the device in operating in the active region (typical for amplifier applications).

Physics 111-Lab BSC

The Laboratory Staff will not help debug any circuit whose power supplies have not been properly decoupled! Physics 111-Lab BSC


1 PSpice I. Introduction SPICE is short for S imulation P rogr am with Integrated C ircuit E mphasis. It is a general purpose circuit simulation program for linear and nonlinear dc, linear and nonlinear transient, and

PA-1800 Power Amplifier Manual

Better, by Design Usually in the world of sound and cinema, you have to choose between great design and great performance. There are exceptions of course, but in general, that's the way it is.


2 Table of Contents EEE 102L Analog/Digital Electronics Laboratory - Course Outline 3 EEE 102L Parts Kit - Fall 2004 5 Objectives and Goals of the Laboratory 6 Laboratory 1 - Introductory PSpice Programming Assignment 9 Laboratory 2 - Introduction to LabVIEW 10 Notes Concerning the Operation of ...

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Video Amplifier with Sync Stripper and DC Restore (EL8102)

2 All Intersil U.S. products are manufactured, assembled and tested utilizing ISO9000 quality systems. Intersil Corporation's quality certifications can be viewed at www.intersil. com/design/quality Intersil products are sold by description only.

250 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier

250 Watt Subwoofer Amplifier Controls Crossover Frequency Control: Continuously variable from 40Hz to 160Hz at 12dB/Octave Adjustable Phase Control: Continuously variable phase from 0° to 180°.


GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY B.E Semester: 3 Electronics & Communication Engineering Subject Code 131102 Subject Name Simulation and Design Tools Introduction to SPICE Introduction to PSpice software, file types, netlist commands.

Audio power amplifiers

Audio power amplifiers Issued March 1997 LM380 RSstock number 306-819 TBA820 M RSstock number 302-491 TDA2030 RSstock number 307-424 TDA2004 RSstock number 309-543 A range of audio power amplifiers with output powers.

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