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In these installations, optional T&G backside panels are available-Dimensions: 193/4"W x 193/4"D x 43"H-Low wattage range ("always on" mode) : 100W, 200W or 300 W-Booster element power range: 4.6kW or 6.0kW-For saunas from 175 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft. Power Amerec Heater Sauna Room ...

Installation and Operating Instructions

Installation and Operating Instructions Models: ND6 and ND8 (UL#'s 1712-60-0204 and 1712-80-0204) with separate control. Nordic Deluxe Sauna Heaters Read all instructions carefully before installation.


4211-163 09-26-11 technical support: 1-800-363-0251 support@amerec. com 1 of 25 commercial steam generator with coolflushâ„¢ auto drain option boilers for large steam rooms installation instructions models ai 12, ai 18 ai 24, ai 30, ai 36, ai 42 & ai 48 ...

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

7 iNFrared sauNas Infrared Saunas The Amerec Far-Infrared sauna provides soothing heat, directly radiated to the body, with almost instant heat. The far-infrared radiant heat induces deep sweat for cleansing and detoxifying the body while burning calories.

AR Series Owners Manual

AMEREC STEAMBATH GENERATORS (MODELS: AR4, AR5, AR6, AR7, AR8.5, AR10) SAVE THIS MANUAL Thank you for purchasing your new AMEREC steam generator. If we can be of any assistance do not hesitate to call our Service Department at 1-800-331-0349 .

Installation & Operation Instructions

Installation & Operation Instructions 05-4211-700 10/30/01 WARNING SAUNA HEATER 1105-105, 1105-120 & 1105-140 MODEL S LA, FLG, DL 10.5, 12.0 & 14.4 (Hereafter referred to as LA ) (FA#T and MA#T controls hereafter referred to as FA2T or FA3T) Read all instructions carefully before installation.

Sauna Craft Heater & Control Installation Manual

Sauna Craft Heater & Control Installation Manual NOTES FOR ALL HEATERS Heater Guard Fence: A non-metallic guard (not included) shall be provided and installed as follows: a) 4" from CW Series heaters b) 6" from FM Series heaters Sauna Rocks (included): 1) Wash the rocks before placing on heater.

"Mini Finn" Heater Installation & Operation Instructions

Two metal placards are included in the Installation Instruction Envelope packaged with every Amerec Sauna Heater. The CAUTION placard must be attached to the interior wall of the sauna room directly above the heater where it is visible to the bather.

Faucets Sinks Tubs Steam & Sauna

Faucets: Sinks: Tubs: Steam & Sauna: Altmans : Americh: Amerec: Allia: American Standard: American Standard: Aquatic Industries: Helo: Andre: Artisan: Barclay: Leisure Steam

2008 Price List

... star MoDel 335 hot Dog cooker rc 283 1500W 120V Vulcan hart oVen rc 004-240 3750W 240V Vulcan hart hot Plate rc 110911-2 2000W 240V Wells rc 099 1500W 240V Wells fooD WarMer rc 156-240 1000W 240V charbroiler rc 182 3750W 240V cooK-rite sMoKer s20 750W 120V aPW WarMer rc 55446 1600W 120V Metro WarMer rc 68931 1000W 120V sauna ...

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