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EUROPEAN COMMISSION INCO-DEV FIRST ANNUAL REPORT: 1.12.01 TO 30.11.02 Strategies for implementing sustainable management of peatlands in Borneo CONTRACT NO: ICA4-CT-2001-10098 Report collated and prepared by Dr. Henk Wösten, Project Co-ordinator Alterra, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Estimating transformation rates of pesticides, to be used in ...

Alterra-rapport 023 41 4.2.6 Sensitivity analysis for Pond In a sensitvity analysis for indoxacarb in the Pond system, we assumed the test vessels to have a diameter of 9 cm and we increased the K om value.

Theme: Risk assessment procedures for pesticide registration

Erik van den Berg, Cor Jacobs, Hans Van Jaarsveld, Theo Brock, Ivo Roessink & Rene van Wijngaarden Contact: Ivo Roessink Alterra P.O. Box 47, 6700 AA Wageningen T +31 317 48 61 92 - F +31 317 41 90 00 - This project is part of the BO research programme Plant Health of ...

Regency Alterraâ„¢ CS2400 wood stove

Alterra in the most popular size Last year, dealers and customers showed us the Alterra is THE wood stove to beat. We've added the most popular size so you can sell it to those who want more heat with a modern feel.

Review of carbon flux estimates and other greenhouse gas ...

Caspar Verwer Peter van der Meer Gert-Jan Nabuurs Alterra-rapport 1731, ISSN 1566-7197 Review of carbon flux estimates and other greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm cultivation on Tropical peatlands - Identifying the gaps in Knowledge

Regency Alterraâ„¢ CI1250

Regency Alterraâ„¢ CI1250 Contemporary Wood Insert The Regency Alterra Wood Collection is the next chapter in wood fireplace design, combining the unparalleled tradition of high quality, industry leading engineering with a sleek, modern cast iron finish.

cafe menu - Coffee • Espresso • Tea t Serving Alterra ...

Italian Stallion Italian meats, provolone, red onion, zesty peppers, and tomato with red wine vinaigrette and oregano! Thunderbird Turkey, tomato, avocado and cheddar


ORGANIC ALTERRA COFFEE Sm.12oz. Lg. 16oz. Coffee (Hot or Iced) $1.35 $1.55 Espresso Drinks single shot double shot Espresso $1.50 $2.00 Cappuccino 2.25 2.75

F.G.W.A. Ottburg R. Pouwels P.A. Slim Alterra Wageningen UR ...

Uitloop omslagMaking the Port of Antwerp on the left bank of the Scheldt infrastructure network for the natterjack toad (more natural; ecological

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