October 3, 2011 Page 1 of 16 AIRTRAN AIRWAYS CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS Limits of Liability for Personal Injury or Death ..... 2 Limits on Liability for Baggage, Fragile or Perishable Goods ...

Physician Consent Form for an Individual Who Needs to Use a ...

transported on AirTran Airways. The following information relates to _____, who is a patient in my care. He/She: (Passenger/Patient name)


(Air Tran Airways Certificate) 7783-0309 A6520309C CERTIFICATE PLAN CODE A652 This plan is administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services. for certificate inquiries or customer service, call : (800) 876-6903 for emergency assistance 24 hours a day during your trip, call : in the u .

AirT ran*U*Fares

*All AirTran U fares, taxes and fees are per segment. Fares do not include per segment taxes of $3.70, Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $4.50 per segment, and September 11th security fee of $2.50 per segment.

_____1. Uniformed Customer Contact Crew Members & Uniformed ...

Appearance Standards All crew members are expected to represent AirTran Airways courteous and caring customer service philosophy by projecting a positive and professional image through their grooming, attire, and personal hygiene.


1. What will it cost you to fly standby with AirTran U? A pinky finger A golden egg $49, * $69* or $99* per segment Your sister's phone number 2. How old do you have to be to fly AirTran U?

AirTran Airways Technical Training Standard Operating Procedures

Page 1 AirTran Airways TT008 Technical Training Standard Operating Procedures Revision Date 2 09/06/07 OPR: Technical Training ELEARNING PLATFORM OVERVIEW CONTENTS TT008.1 Introduction TT008.2e-Learning Platform TT008.1 Introduction A.

Dear Customer Service/ Ramp Service Crew Member Candidate

June 2011 . Dear Customer Service / Ramp Service Crew Member Candidate: Welcome to AirTran Airways Customer Service / Ramp Training! If you are traveling on AirTran Airways to Atlanta, please dress appropriately.


AirTran Airways, Inc., or its parent Company, AirTran Holdings, Inc., must give written notice of the existence of this labor agreement to any air carrier, or any other entity, which has control of, or acquires control of, another air carrier with which AirTran Airways, Inc., or AirTran Holdings, Inc ...

AirTran Airways Chooses West Michigan

A Quarterl y Pub lication of Gerald R. Ford International Airport volume 18 | no. 1 Winter 2010 I nsIde T hIs e dITIon 2 | Downtown Motorists May Need Alternate Flight Plan 3 | GFIA's Top Questions Answered! 3 | Mission Accomplished 4 | Presenting... 4 | Toys For Tots Drive Wrap-Up 5 | Year in ...

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