I. Prabhakara RAO CEO Delhi International Airport (P.) Ltd.

I. Prabhakara RAO CEO Delhi International Airport (P.) Ltd. Mr. I Prabhakara Rao, Chief Executive Officer is an experienced professional with 27 years of experience in various industrial sectors.

Understanding airport business

Understanding airport business ACI briefing paper OCTOBER 2007 In the sometimes turbulent aviation industry, airports are stable providers of infrastructure assets.

Green Airport Initiative

12600 W. Colfax Ave., Suite C-400, Lakewood, CO 80215 303/462-1647. Fax 303/462-1607 [email protected] Green Airport Initiative Background Throughout the 1990s, a major issue for airports was that opportunities posed by airport growth were seemingly in conflict with requirements of environmental ...

Airport Planning

Central Region Airports Division 10/1/10 AIP Sponsor Guide - 500 500 - Airport Planning General Airport planning is a systematic process used to establish guidelines for the efficient development of airports that is consistent with local, state and national goals.

Airport News - July 2011

Iowa Kansas Missouri Nebraska AirportNews FAA Central Region Airports Division Airports Website Contact Us Public Affairs Press Releases Archives Airport NEWS is a quarterly newsletter of the FAA Central Region Airports Division; providing airport managers and consultants with timely and useful ...


A IRPORTS G EOGRAPHIC I NFORMATION S YSTEM (AGIS) A G UIDE TO A IRPORT S URVEYS Overview: The FAA has significantly changed our approach to centralize data storage and ensure data accuracy through the use of AGIS.

Connecting the world today & tomorrow Strategic Plan 2020

3 Dubai's aviation sector is more than the sum of its parts, together the key players - Dubai Airports, Dubai Duty Free, Emirates and flydubai - have combined to create a global aviation phenomenon.


Airports may now be transfer points: The fastest growing and often the largest airports now do not function merely as terminals. They are transfer points, airports at which a large percent, often a majority, of the passengers use the airport to change from one aircraft to another.

Public/Private Airport Report

Airport Closures at Privately Owned/Public-Use Airports Background: AOPA is often contacted for advice on how to help save privately owned, public-use airports from being closed or sold.


FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Transportation Costs Report Airport Costs Airports are a major component of Florida's transportation infrastructure.

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