LATVIAN OMPOSERS ORKS for o pianos & iano four ands

2002 Manuscript First emiere ntra ormunds īksnes atvijan National ine rts useum, 01.03.2006 - Dancis/ Pauls AMBIS 1936/ Sonata No. 4 per iano duo ,2 pianos nds 1968 17' Leningrad: uzyka, 1974 First emiere āris vinka & aimonds edbergs iga hamber usic all, 15.11.1970 Games, a nos nds Allegro ...


SNACKS Raw Cashews Unlimited Raw Brazil Nuts Unlimited Coconut Raw, fresh from tree, is unlimited Cheese Yellow or white aged is unlimited Any Fresh Fruit Unlimited Just a note .... Raw Cashews and Raw Brazil Nuts does not mean Raw Aimonds ... only those nuts listed.

Specijalno mesto za sasvim obican dan !

(muesli - fresh fruit, raisins, Corn flakes, aimonds) 240.- 200g 210.- 250g 210.- 250g 150.- 130g 200.- 280g 250.- 200g 250.- 250g 320.- 325g DESERTI // SWEETS

... 1_Whole grain bun 3 cups_ Salad greens 3 tbsp_ Dressin g (your choice) l cup_Melon 1_Pasta Saladl 1 cup-Melon 2cups_Black & White Bean ChiliJ 3 cups_ Salad greens 3 tbsp_ Dressln g (your choice) 1 cup_Grapes 2_ Stuffed Baked PotatoesJ 3 cups_ Salad greens 3tbsp_ Dresslng (your choice) 1_Ojange, medium SNACK 1o'' AImonds 1-1/2o ...

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