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Parker Vac, 8 hp Honda, good condition Ride On Centri spreader, 6 hp Robins, used 4 seasons; Terra Topper 50" tow behind aerator NEW 3 pt. whirly bird seeder Permagreen ride on spreader '07 Turfco TurnAer 6 aerator

Why Aeration?

To solve all of your aeration needs for both fresh and salt water, contact the aeration professionals at Scott Aerator Company today. With over 40 years of experience, Scott Aerator is your solution .


The design of the aerator is similar to the cascade type, with the water being pumped to the top of the cones and then being allowed to cascade down through the aerator.


• rotron regenerative blower • appropria te intake filter/silencer assembly • plumbing fixtures for blower and aerator

Pond Aeration

Types of aerators Fish farmers have used emergency aerators powered by tractor power takeoffs (PTOS) for many years. With production intensification and the increasing need for aeration, these PTO aeratorscanbe quite expensive because each aerator requires atrac-tor.

Owners Manual

2 Thanks! We at Kasco Marine, Inc. would like to both thank and congratulate you on your purchase of the Pond Aerator or Water Circulator model. We appreciate you choosing Kasco and for your purchase.

Operation and Service Manual 20 SERIES AERATORS

Cammond Product Service and Operation Manual Aerator 1 Operation and Service Manual 20 SERIES AERATORS for models AE20-48, AE20-60 & AE20-72 Cammond Industries A Subsidiary of Superior Fabrication, Inc. 902 Arlington Center, PMB 225 Ada, OK 74820 1-800-843-8354

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Your aerator is automatically enrolled in our pro-rated exchange program so you will never have to pay full price for an exchange aerator should your original aeration unit fail.

Low Maintenance, High-Quality Aerators

Partially Assembled Aerator Round ForcedDraft Aerator AERATOR MATERIALS Component Standard Common Options Housing Aluminum Stainless Steel Distributor Tray Aluminum Stainless Steel Media PVC Loose Fill Blower Induced Draft, Permanently Sealed Forced Draft, Explosion -Proof Design Shape Square Round

Ride-on Aerator - Models Available T A2816 K A

TA2816KA Owner’s Manual Page | 1 Lawn Solutions Commercial Products, Inc. 502.968.3188. Ride-on Aerator. Models Available. TA2816KA

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