Adding Ly Worksheets

The Y Rule Practice adding suffixes to words that end with y

Using the practice worksheets in the lesson pack, have each group of students create a set of cards with root words ending in y and the same word with a suffix ending. ... adding - ed, -y, -s, -ly , ...

Name Suffixes; s, es, ed, y, ly, ful, ing Suffixes Write the ...

Title: Suffixes - a second grade worksheet Author: T. Smith Publishing Subject: 2nd grade worksheet Keywords: suffixes; second grade language arts worksheet;; T. Smith Publishing


When adding a suffix to a ... _____ mystery + ous _____ envy + ous _____ marry + ed _____ library + an _____ busy + ly _____ envy + able _____ pity + ful _____ carry + ed _____ silly + est prettiest _____ decry + ing tried _____ angry + est _____ noisy + ly ...

Adding -ed Practice Sheet

Microsoft Word Viewer 97 - adding ed practice sheet.doc • Add the suffix -ed to the following words and write the new word underneath. Words that end with -e, ...

Unit 35, page 222: Suffixes ly and ful

Say: The wordsafelyismade by adding the suffixly to the base wordsafe . ... Early Production/Speech Emergent Have partners write the column headings ful and ly at the top of a sheet of paper.

When adding a vowel suffix to a word ending in e, drop the ...

APPENDIX G: Adding Suffixes to Words Ending in e and y 1. When adding a vowel suffix to a word ending in e , ... true + ly = truly argue + ment = argument 2.

Learning About Suffixes "er and est"

Rule 3: For two-syllable words ending in y (happy), the y should be dropped and an i should be added before adding the suffix est. Example: Rosie is the funniest cat in my neighborhood.

Speak and Read

Say: We can make the word forgetful by adding the suffix -ful to the end of the word forget. ... Repeat the procedure above with the suffixes -ly,-less , -ness , and -ment and the base words calm (ly) , harm (harmless) , close (closeness) , and agree (agreement).

Communications 12

... ADDING ES TO FORM PLURAL NOUNS Rule: In words where the s sound isn't clear unless an extra syllable is pronounced, add es to form the plural. ...

The suffix able

If the base word ends with a consonant + y , change the y to i before adding able . A. Complete the following exercises. 1. When the suffix able is added to a base word ending in a consonant or a vowel- y combination, do not change the spelling of the base word.

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