Pumpkin Price List

Pumpkin Price List 4 PL-1 CubeSat Kit-compatible Products Part Number Category MSRP $ Attitude Determination and Control System (ADACS) Kits 711-00416 IMI-100 ADACS Kit 55,000.00 A complete IMI-100 ADACS Kit contains: ● 634-00412 IMI-100 ADACS & external magnetometer.

Miniature 3-Axis Reaction Wheel Preliminary Product ...

magnetometer, earth, and sun sensors as well as a fully programmed ADACS computer. The IMI-200 will be available in 1Q08 . IMI-201 Specifications


... Airport (SC) - St. Lucie County International Airport (FL) ∞ Served as Chair, Airport Consultants Council Board of Directors (1992); Board member (1988-1993). ∞ Served as Committee member, FAA/Air Transport Association sponsored Airport Computer Aided Design Standardization Working Group (ADACS) that ...

Concurrent Engineering of Space Systems

17 Conclusions Modulation Analysis Astro-dynamics Utility Structures ADACS Propulsion Thermal C&DH Power TT&C Ground Systems Processing Facilities Staffing Comm. Arch. Info. Arch. Customer Cost Laser / Optics Digital RF Unit Antennas Link Payload Systems Sensor Structure Thermal Pointing Space Systems Performance Constellation Launch ...

Emerging Opportunities for Small Spacecraft

... Micro/Nanobased attitude position & tracking sensors-Integrated GPS receiver/antenna-High Data Rate Downlink (Gb/day)-30 arc-sec pointing accuracy-High performance Avionics-Nano-thruster validation-<5 kg bus mass-Mission Opps-Delta-V >700 m/s-3-axis Stabilized, <10 arc-sec pointing-Ultra-low power ADACS ...

Pay Systems

Pay Systems This booklet is intended to provide an introduction to the variety of Pay Systems currently in operation in organisations. It is one of a series of booklets and handbooks designed to give impartial advice on employment matters to employers, employees and their representatives.


Power: < 4.5 W max +12V single supply (350mA max) Mass: 910 gram Dimensions: form factor 100 x 100 x 79 mm Cost: $55K ITAR controlled ADACS ADACS--2: 2:

"Teaching controversial and sensitive issues in history ...

DECS/EDU/HIST (99) 64 Activities for the Development and Consolidation of Democratic Stability (ADACS) Seminar on "Teaching controversial and sensitive issues in history education for secondary schools" Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19-20 November 1999 Report Strasbourg

C-0801-14-01, 11/21/97, no change

It is our position that the positions are unique in that there are work mixtures that require the incumbents in these positions to interact with other functional areas, i.e., ILS, MANPRINT, Safety, Technical writing, ADACS, and reporting systems and in actuality manage information relative to the ...

Mining Software Engineering Data

ADACS state-of-the-art report, Data &Analysis Center for Software, Rome, NY, 1999. [8]A. Mockus, D. M. Weiss, and P. Zhang. Understanding and predicting effort in software projects.

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