5 Major Religions Powerpoint

Intro to World Religions

Microsoft PowerPoint - Intro to World Religionsonline. Intro to World Religions 5 Major World Religions: 1. Judaism 2. Christianity 3.


Lesson Plan #1: Introduction to “Major World Religions” Unit

creation story that describes your tribe's beliefs about how the earth was made. Lesson Plan #1: Introduction to “Major World Religions” Unit



A. Lee AP World History WORLD RELIGIONS PROJECT Our first major project of the year will be a combination of using technology (Powerpoint), in-depth research and looking at world religions from a global perspective.


World Religions, Cults, and Worldview

Microsoft PowerPoint - Buddhism.pptx. Buddhism Buddhism World Religions, Cults, and Worldview World Religions, Cults, and Worldview World ... died and rose again on their behalf. who died and rose again on their behalf. 2 Corinthians 5:14 ...


Western and Eastern Religions

PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation. 9/7/2008 1 Western and Eastern Religions 3 major schools of religion •Abrahamic religions—draw origin back to Abraham—Judaism, Christianity, Islam, •Dharmic religions ...


Religions of Southwest Asia

Religions of Southwest Asia Religion Followers Symbol Symbol Name 1. Judaism Star of David 2. ... Important Cities: _____ Major Groups: 1. _____: ∞ Adheres faithfully to the principles and practices of ...


World History Syllabus 2 Course Overview - Main Textbook ...

• Project: World Religions PowerPoint presentation and change-over-time essay ... Spodek, The World’s History, Chapter 5 Major Activities and Assessments


Lesson Key Curriculum Grade Time Allotted

... Ten Commandments ligious conduct • Torah—Written record and beliefs Geo major religions ... Students will discuss in presentations that 5 distinct religions evolved from the ideas of ... Overhead projector • Transparencies • Markers to write es • Powerpoint capability The ...


Bhāratiya Darśana : Summaries of the Indian Philosophical ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - 081125 IP-3.ppt ... 6 With the eleven major religions of the world being of Asian origin, this presentation will focus on the three classical religio-philosophical traditions ...


What is Religion and What Role does it Play in Culture?

Microsoft PowerPoint - ch. 07 Religion.ppt ... Where did the Major Religions of the World Originate, and How do Religions Diffuse? ... 5 Hearths of Religion and Philosophy by 500 BCE From the Hearth of South Asia From the Hearth of ...


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