4g15 Wiring Diagram


1 SUPER AIRFLOW CONVERTER SUPER AIR FLOW CONVERTERⅡ WIRING DIAGRAM BY MODEL This document describes car models to which the Super Airflow Converter (Product code: 401-A911/401-A913) is applicable, and ECU terminal arrangement drawings.


Ignition Distributor

... TE. TH. 6G72 96-00 3.0 V6 ID1116 Magna TE.TF. 4G64 96-98 2.4 4 ID1117 Magna TH 6G74 96-00 3.5 V6 ID1116 Magna TE 6G72 96-97 3.0 V6 ID1125 Mirage 4G15 96-1.5 4 ID1166 Nimbus UF 4G64 92-95 2.4 4 ID1125 Nimbus UF 4G64 95-98 2.4 4 ID1163 Triton ... Some distributors are supplied without the wiring ... (Refer to Diagram 1.1) ...


12-Volt Alternator Installation & Operation Manual

Connect alternator to Balmar regulator wiring harness as indicated in wiring diagram included on Page 12. The alternator's positive and ground cables should be sized according to the chart on Page 3.


Instruction Manual

... The following ECU wiring ... gizzmo ELECTRONICS Diagram Year Notes Model Engine Chassis N86W N96W GM5 99.10~ 4G72 ... Notes Model Engine Chassis 4G15 Z16A Z16A DE3A DE2A 4G93 GM2 GM1 GM1 94.10~97.1 94.10~97.2 90.10~99.8 94.10~00.7 6A12 GTO 6G72 FTO 95.10~ 4G15 DOHC 97.2~00.7 GM5 A / T SOHC DOHC DOHC DOHC E54A E64A ...


ENGINE Workshop Manual 4G9 (E-W)

4G9 ENGINE (E-W) - Specifications 11 A-1-7 NEW TIGHTENING METHOD-BY USE OF BOLTS TO BE TIGHTENED IN PLASTIC AREA Anew type of bolts, to be tightened in plastic area, is currently used for some parts of the engine.


Sensor Catalogue

... 6A12 93-96 2.0 V6 ECI CS838 Lancer CA FI 4G15 88-90 1.5 4 ECI CS827 Lancer CB FI 4G15 90-92 1.5 4 ECI CS823 Lancer CB DOHC (16V) 4G15 90-92 1.6 4 ECI CS827 Lancer CC FI 4G92 92-96 1.6 4 ECI CS838 Lancer CC FI 4G93 92-96 1.8 4 ECI CS838 Lancer CC ...


Manual & Software Catalogue

... WIrINg DIAgrAM these wirinG DiaGrams are fOr: • A uto-Electricians • Service Stations with Mechanical Workshops • Auto Air-Conditioners • Alarm and Radio/CD Fitters • Accident Damage Repairers QuiCK & easy way tO lOCate anD iDentify eleCtriCal & eleCtrOniC CirCuits anD COmpOnents: ...


Microtech LT8 ECU Application List

4cyl 4G15 : Dist setup . LT8 : 4G63 Cordia type . 4 pole Mag dist : LT8 . 4G63 Starion type : 4 Pole Mag dist . LT8 : FTO Mivec V6 . STD coils and CAS : LTX8 . Nissan .


Digest of Japanese CSM Cyborg Lancer models from 6-88 to 10-90

... Sedan E-C72A-SRU 4WDAT G1.5 4G15 1349 VIE saloon (4WD) Sedan E-C72A-SNH 4WDMT G1.5 4G15 1377 VIE saloon X 1.5i Sedan E-C62A-SRHE FF AT G 1.5 4G15 1385 Cyborg RS Hatch E-C53A-MNDF FF MT G 1.6 4G61 T 1408 VIE saloon Sedan E-C63A-SRHM FF AT G 1.6 4G61 1411 VIE saloon ...


SG020 / SG025 Specs 0160770SBY

Liquid Cooled Gas Engine Generator Sets Continuous Standby Power Rating 20KW 60 Hz / 20KVA 50 Hz 25KW 60 Hz / 25KVA 50 Hz Power Matched GENERAC MMC 4G15 ENGINE Naturally Aspirated SOLID-STATE, FREQUENCY COMPENSATED VOLTAGE REGULATION.


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