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An A s t A s i A En g l i s h 1 “Yes, Mrs. Hamilton, I should break off the intimacy immediately if I were you. Nora Moore is no fit companion for your refined little



4 MANJU DEVI 20Daughter-in-Law AEDALPUR 10418 CHINTOLE S/O SAHTU 24vuqlwfpr tkfr 2 RAM DHAKELI 60Wife 3 RAJ KISHORE 20Son 4 SATYA NARAYAN 16Son AEDALPUR 10419 BALKISHUN S/O ...


List of BPL families in the Gram Panchayats : District - JALAUN ...

4ANJU 20Daughter ATRA KALA 15572 JASWANT SINGH S/O KAILASH 26vU; fiNMk oxZ 2SUMITA 54Wife 3 ANURUDH SINGH 22Son 4 NEELAM 20Daughter-in-Law 5 PARWAT SINGH 16Son ATRA KALA ...


Fletcher Cemetery by name (also known as Lassel) High Street ...

3-B Knight, Helen M. 1831 1855, May 20Daughter of Abner & Julia M. 3-D Knight, J. M. 1839 * Son of Abner 2nd & Julia A. 3-I Knight, J. R. * * 3-K Knight, J.S. * *


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