10mm Power Pistol Loads

Smokeless Powder

... 11.806 Discontinued 34 Alliant Unique.1092 9.158 12 ga to 28 ga, most small & medium handgun loads 35 Hodgdon Universal.1099 9.099 Clean, economical, most pistol & shotgun loads 36 Alliant Power Pistol.0889 11.247 High performance 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm 37 IMR SR7625.1046 9.560 10-28 ga, various handgun loads 38 Hodgdon ...


Reloading Guide

No. 5 WSF Unique N330 Ba9 PCL501 HS-6 540 Power Pistol N340 SP8 PCL504 SR4756 Longshot WAP Herco Silhouette 3N37 A0 N350 Hi-Skor 800X True Blue 3N38 SP2 Pract. 571 Blue ... As a courtesy to the reloader the load tables contain also notes of compressed loads and loads to fi ll the case up.


By Dick Metcalf

The 10mm Auto was introduced during the 1980s as primarily an auto pistol duty-type round; today it is enjoying a revival among handgun hunters. As the chart shows, my scoped l0mm STI/Heinie Hunter will put a nine-round magazine of Hornady's full-power 180-grain l0mm HP/XTP hunting loads into a 2.00 ...


W IPSC Loading Data

Frank advises that the WST loads are all maximum in his gun, a Para Ordanance P16, and that Alliant Power Pistol powder seems dirtier than other powders he used.



Super-Field also performs well in 38 Super, 9mm and 40 S&W pistol loads. Excellent propellant for fast shooting action pistol ... 38 Automatic 380 Automatic 40 S&W Small (Reg) Handgun - WSP 38-40 Winchester 10mm ... Super-X ® Power-Point ® (PP) Unique soft nose jacketed design delivers maximum energy ...


Alliant Powder introduces Reloder® 17, a smokeless powder ...

... for . 45 ACP target loads Legendary for its performance in.44 Mag and other magnum pistol loads Great in ... cLAy DOT ® PROmO ® 20/28 ™ 410 ® bLuE DOT ® STEEL ® hERcO ® PRO REAch ™ POWER PRO ® 300-mP POWER PISTOL ® ... 12, 16, 20 & 28 ga. 50 Caliber Target.45 ACP & Other Handgun High Performance 9mm,.40 S&W & 10mm ...


Lee makes reLoading easy! The largest, most complete line of ...

... 32 H&R Magnum 90779 9mm Luger 90780 38 Super and 38 ACP 90780 38 Special 90781 357 Magnum 90781 10mm Auto ... Notice the extensive list of recommended loads— another exclusive feature with Lee dies! ... 6 PISTOL DIES Unbreakable Decapper It is guaranteed unbreakable for two years.


Syd's 1911 Notebook

They are all inadequate in terms of real power. I like Clint Smith's definition that "a pistol is something you use to fight your way ... FBI SWAT & the rounds they use for their SIG 9mm's, Springfield .45's & MP5 10mm's ... I use it for the majority of my pistol loads (in 9mm, 38spl. and .45 target loads.)


Hornady's XTP™ is one of the most accurate and deadly ...

... 9MM-147 BTHP/XTP 38-110 HP/XTP 38-125 HP/XTP 38-125 FP/XTP 38-140 HP/XTP 38-158 HP/XTP 38-158 FP/XTP 10MM ... But, it's the stopping power of the XTP ™ that has truly built its world-class reputation. ... Lead Pistol Bullets Hornady lead pistol bullets are pre-lubricated, extra-hard and cold-swaged for total ...


The Unofficial Glock Users Manual

Glock 20 (10mm Full Size Pistol) Metric U.S. Type of Safe Action Action (Double Action ... It was a joy to shoot, having less perceived recoil w/ full power loads than even my G17!


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